Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Memory Solutions for Industrial Control

At the heart of most industrial control and factory automation systems is a programmable logic controller (PLC). Commonly referred to as the brain of a factory, a PLC controls a wide range of functions by receiving and processing data from sensors and machines. It then uses this data to control and actuate external devices.

Because it's used in industrial applications, a PLC must be robust. What's more, a successful design must offer reliability, system stability and 100% interoperability with connected automation systems. Additional factors to consider when engineering a PLC include time-to-market, space limitations, and the high demand for components with a good price-quality ratio.

Key Application Requirements

  • Write real-time IO data at fast speed
  • Capture data instantly on power loss
  • Log data continuously over a 15-year product lifespan
  • High speed scratch-pad memory for user applications

Infineon NOR Flash and RAM Value

  • NOR Flash Solutions
    • Functional safety features as diagnostics, reporting and safe boot
    • SEMPER™ and HYPERFLASH™ JEDEC xSPI compliant
    • SEMPER™ Secure for end-to-end system security and encrypted R/W
    • EnduraFlex™ enables 25 years retention and 1M+ program/erase cycles
    • Long-Term commitment up to 2035 for SEMPER™ NOR Flash
    • Extended temperatures (-40 °C to 105 °C)
  • RAM Solutions
    • NVRAM (nvSRAM, MPWR SRAM) provides fast parallel access write times
    • Retains data instantly on power-loss or system shutdown
    • Logs data continuously and reliably over a 15-year product lifespan
    • Provides unlimited write cycles

Focus Whitepapers

Find the following Infineon whitepapers available for download:

  • EXCELON™ F-RAM functional safety
  • HYPERRAM™ as a low pin-count expansion memory for embedded systems
  • SEMPER™ NOR flash Enabling Functional Safety for Automotive and Industrial Systems

Product Highlights