Expertise in Wireless Technologies.

Wireless technologies takes an increasingly important role in electronic devices. Whether Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), authentication, tracking, tracing, monitoring or remote control: the specialists from Rutronik Wireless Competence Center know all facets of the protocols, profiles, high frequency radio hardware and certifications.

Always one Step Ahead of the Trend.

About 20 km from our headquarters, Heinrich Hertz 1886 succeded first in experimental transmission of electromagnetic waves. Today we join small objects by Ultra Low Power Radio to the internet. We create a networking age, which positively influences the safety and comfort of our lives.

We analyze your specific requirements from the physical- to the application layer and serve you from the portfolio of different transceiver groups by market leaders.

What is important is the proper selection of the correct protocol and application profile. Only when all layers of the 7-layer ISO / OSI reference model are tuned to their application requirements and harmonize with each other, we speak of a technically optimal solution. In addition, we also consider commercial and strategically relevant factors, such as various technology alliances, product roadmaps, compatibilities and forecasts.

Embedded Highlights V7.0 EN

Combine Technologies - Realize EMBEDDED Designs - The perfect symbiosis for wireless internet connectivity, powerful mainboards, professional displays and innovative storage solutions.
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Nordic Semiconductors Technologies

Topics: Cellular IoT, Bluetooth, Modules, Range Extender, Power Management ICs, Development Tools, NRF Thread Topology Monitor, nRF Sniffer, Embedded Antennas, Sim Card Holders, Crystals, Support
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Wireless Technologies V7.1, EN

Cellular, GNSS, RFID, Short & Long Range Wireless Solutions. Further Technologies WLAN, Bluetooth, ISM, LPWAN, ANT, RFID/NFC, Protocols, Antennas, SIM Card Holders, Timing Devices, Security, Energy Harvesting, Power Management ICs, Range Extendes
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