Plug Into the Future

Industry 4.0, autonomous driving, electric vehicles, the Internet of Things – digitization and connectivity are bringing rapid disruption to all sectors of industry and society as a whole. All of these new applications and technologies have one thing in common: they need energy. In addition, the increasing complexity poses challenges in regard to energy and power systems. Finding and realizing the right solutions will be the decisive factor in succeeding in the business of tomorrow.

At Rutronik TechTalk meets Energy & Power on April 26 & 27, 2022, we will look ahead together. Leading manufacturers such as Omron, KOA, JAE, Infineon, Recom, Vishay, Littlefuse and Hongfa will present new and innovative developments and solutions for the industry of tomorrow. Top-class experts offer comprehensive insights into topics such as Renewable Energy, Smart Grid and EV Charging, Improving EV-Chargers by most precisely measuring current and voltage, Energy Storage Systems among many others. Join us and plug into the future with us!


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