Reference designs for 48V low-speed electric vehicles - Micromobility is picking up speed
07/17/2024 Know-How

Many countries have committed to meeting climate targets. To achieve them, it is also important to make transportation in cities emission free. In…

Passive components in modern switched-mode power supplies - Hidden specialists
07/03/2024 Know-How

Switched-mode power supplies are often dismissed as low-budget applications, but they hide specialized components inside without which they are unable…

Electret condenser microphones, not just for voices - The world is full of sound
06/19/2024 Know-How

Speech or singing: These are the applications that first come to mind when most people think of the way microphones are used. But they can do much…

Security ICs - Greater security for the networked world
06/05/2024 Know-How

Through wireless communication technologies such as 5G, more and more devices are now connected to the Internet. But for all the benefits, this also…

Security in Industry 4.0 applications - When microcontroller-based security is no longer enough
05/22/2024 Know-How

One consequence of the miniaturization of system-on-chips is that flash memory increasingly has to be implemented externally.

This brings with it…