Machine Learning – Components for Machine Learning on the Edge
11/09/2022 Knowledge

Machine learning directly in the device has the potential to revolutionize countless products, whether it be the categorization of objects from an…

5G and TSN – For the Industrial Automation of the Future
10/12/2022 Knowledge

There are numerous fieldbus standards aimed at ensuring real-time support, but none of them provide a manufacturer or platform-agnostic networking…

Automotive MOSFETs – A Package Deal That’s Worth It
09/28/2022 Knowledge

The rise in the use of MOSFETs in applications such as LED drivers, power supply units, or battery chargers, and as substitute relays and fuses…

A Comparison of Electromechanical and MOSFET Relays
09/14/2022 Knowledge

Analog Technology in the Digital Age

The world is changing at an ever-faster pace—and so, too, are electronics. Components are expected to provide…

Current Measurement in the Drive Unit of Electric Vehicles – Inverters that are More Compact Require Shunts that are More Precise
08/31/2022 Knowledge

As for many other devices and applications, smaller and smaller components are required for electric cars. In the case of inverters for the control…