Let’s Get to the Next Level

Advanced Robotics is a key technology for the industry of the future. Through the use of advanced robotics, machines can react to their environment and act independently. Factories control production processes themselves.

The path to the future has a clear goal: increase in productivity, efficiency, speed and quality. This not only gives companies competitive advantages such as faster time to market, increased flexibility and innovative strength. It also creates the basis for the business models of the future.

At Rutronik TechTalk meets Advanced Robotics on July 5 & 6, 2022, we will look together at various aspects of the next level of industrial production. Leading ma­nufacturers such as Intel, Infineon, Recom, JAE, Omron and Samwha will present new and innovative developments and solutions for the industry of tomorrow.

Top-class experts offer comprehensive insights into topics such as Connector Solutions for Advanced Robotics, Advanced Robotics Service and Industrial Sector Relay and Sensoric, Green Power Supplies for Advanced Robotics and Compute + Sensing: The (in)separable twins for Robotics.

Join us to get to the next level! The team of experts is looking forward to meeting you!


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