We sponsor our "neighbor", the local soccer club 1. FC Ispringen which operates its sports facilities close to our company grounds. The players and management have actively supported many of the company's activities in the past. We used the club facilities for our own company tournament, and the club provided all catering for our staff during our public viewing on our grounds during the entire period of the 2014 Soccer World Cup, for example.

We have also been partnering for over 10 years with FC Nöttingen 1957 e.V., which has successfully established itself in Enzkreis as a soccer force to be reckoned with. The club is actually playing the current season as a "small village club" in the south-west regional league, next to renowned clubs such as Kickers Offenbach or Waldhof Mannheim. The 1. team has also already been an established presence in the DFB Cup for many years and has played against teams such as FC Schalke 04.

KSC represents the sport at the national level, where they are once more among the top soccer teams after quite a few years. As the region's biggest employer, it is almost mandatory for Rutronik to show its support and provide corresponding financial support to the clubs.



As part of this year's sport festival at 1. FC Ispringen 1909 e.V., we are offering you and your employees a break from the daily grind  and warmly invite you to the RUTRONIK CUP 2024 on June 8, 2024 at the sport center of 1. FC Ispringen 1909 e.V.
For the little spectators, a bouncy castle and a goal wall will be provided and there will be excellent food and drinks available.

Would you like to be part of our company tournament?

Impressions of the RUTRONIK-CUP 2023