Made by Rutronik: Innovation and Future DNA

Spurring on our Industry: Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and New Composite Materials

Digital transformation is setting the pace for growth on global markets. Additionally, artificial intelligence acts as additional accelerator. New materials and composites become fundamental for consumer products. They become key to performance enhancement and play a major role in shaping the technological future. In many cases, they are essential for the functionality of new applications and decisive factor for access to growth markets.

Acceleration of the Research & Pre-Development Phase due to Rutronik’s Individually Tailored System Solutions

Rutronik System Solutions combine the best products based on their features and performance aiming at creating innovative and best-in-class solutions. Thus, we decisively shorten the time-to-market in dynamic industrial environments. Customers gain the necessary decision-making freedom in the research and pre-development phase and a time advantage over competitors.

Investment in R&D Means Shaping Growth

Rutronik's consistent focus on growth includes investment in its own research and development capacities. We are aiming at developing new technologies on the one hand and on the other hand at designing highly innovative solutions – precisely tailored to our customers’ needs and the expectations of their end users.

Future Markets & Tomorrow’s Business Models

Rutronik clearly aligns its activities with high-growth future markets as well as with their significant applications. We are focused on the identification of levers in the entire value chain to be shaping a sustainable future and competitiveness for its customers.

The key to intelligent, self-controlled industrial and service processes is advanced robotics. Progress in this Future Market relies mainly on better performing electronic elements that make robots more adaptable, perceptive, communicative and mobile, and easier to integrate into processes.

The world of automation at a glance - Encountering rapidly growing challenges of the industrial and building sector increase in quality, productivity, flexibility, accuracy and safety are the result of automation - characterized by a broad variety of technologies making human intervention in processes more convenient and efficient. Rutronik guides you through your options to find your best-fit setup.

Biotechnology follows the principle of using biological processes to develop products, processes, and systems that improve our lives. In this context, biotechnology is one of the key technologies that can help us overcome challenges of our time. This results in breakthrough products and technologies that fight diseases, minimize the ecological footprint, improve food production and create more efficient manufacturing processes.

Efficient, regenerative and innovative: future-oriented energy concepts have a consistently positive impact on climate change. They meet the needs of industry and society and are economically attractive at the same time. The central point for politics, industry and society is to combine advancing digitalization and automation with the awareness for urgently required ecological rethinking.

Tomorrow's mobility is associated with the desire to achieve seamless integration of personal freedom of decision and movement into a growing traffic volume. Its complexity will grow. It will become more individualized and applications increasingly diversified. Only intelligent, networked, autonomous and shareable solutions will fulfill increasing requirements.

Innovations, an optimized cost-benefit calculation and the shortest possible time-to-market are the decisive points for successful market participation. Industry 4.0 enables companies to implement more efficient and effective production processes and offers competitive advantages.

We want to help you realizing your medical application. We got different solutions, from different suppliers, to find the perfect solution and we can provide logistic systems to make sure you get the parts on time and technical support by our Field Application engineers. What parts do you need for your application?

Seamless traceability, flexibility and efficiency are key capabilities for future logistics, transportation, and the entire supply chain. Delivery bottlenecks caused by global increase in goods flows and production downtime due to global incidents require even better plannability of the supply chain. Only data-based, digitized solutions and innovative mobility concepts enable smooth operations. Automated processes, the optimized software solution and networked, intelligent machines play a decisive role.

Rutronik System Solutions - Added Value for the Entire Value Chain

Rutronik is much more than a reliable logistics provider. The company has a broad product portfolio, the corresponding expertise, and knows the challenges and needs of the industry. Rutronik extends these capabilities with Rutronik System Solutions and positions itself as a system provider. Markus Krieg, Chief Marketing Officer at Rutronik, explains what Rutronik System Solutions is all about, the strategy behind, and the benefits for customers.

“We are guided by a question that is central to our customers’ business models: How can our customers become and remain valuable partners for their customers? Rutronik System Solutions, therefore, offers its customers an edge in development and highly innovative solutions. To achieve this goal, we combine innovations derived from science and research with our expertise.” Markus Krieg, Chief Marketing Officer at Rutronik

Rutronik System Solutions

Research Level

  • Hardware developed by Rutronik serving as a proof of concept for system solutions in new markets and new technologies
  • Based on Rutronik IP
  • Development based on cooperations with leading universities and institutions
  • Rutronik is following an IP protection program within the research programs
  • Fusion of the know-how of suppliers on one board with the product know-how of Rutronik
  • Fusion of the research know-how of Universities and Rutronik know-how

Customer advantage

  • Ready proof of concept on research level
  • Combination of scientific know-how and newest products
  • Therefore greater competitive advantage regarding know-how and time to market

Advanced Design Level

  • Own Rutronik hardware (platform/boards) and corresponding software development
  • Usage of application modules based on these platforms
  • Development of software adaptions for different application modules with self developed software
  • Close cooperation with multiple suppliers through the modular set up of the Advanced Design Level System Solutions
  • All key components are based on the portfolio of our suppliers
  • Fusion of the know-how of multiple suppliers and Rutronik

Customer advantage

  • Modular solution with the best fit combination of different suppliers and products
  • Time to Market is reduced significantly
  • Inspiration for best fit products

Design Level

  • Hardware platforms, evaluation kits and reference design from suppliers as basis, optional combination of different boards
  • Software adaption by Rutronik support engineers which connect different boards with each other to demonstrate the corresponding functions
  • Support for implementing the respective software
  • Consulting for the functions of the hardware/boards, functions of the products within the boards and system thinking combine different boards and eventually forming a system solution (overall function, application).

Basic Level

  • Technical consulting on product and system level using diagrams, data sheets and training materials
  • Technical consulting through product and application engineers
  • Commercial consulting through sales regarding technologies, procurement and logitics

Customer advantage

  • Inspiration system thinking, new technologies, new products
  • Education training for new products
  • Exchange with experts on application level

Broadline Distribution


Worldwide and individual consulting for applications and commercials parameters.


Component diversity regarding portfolio of semiconductors, passive components, electromechanical components, displays, boards and systems, storage and wireless technologies.


Consulting for individualized logitics systems and modules as well as value added services.


Certified quality management system as well as continuous monitoring of processes. Additionally certified environment, health and security system.

Advanced Design Level 3

Adapter Board RAB3

IoT control applications have become a trend and with it the demand for sensing devices to collect information is increasing. Here radar sensing is highly robust and stable with respect to external conditions such as temperature changes and ambient light. With the RAB3, the board family of Rutronik System Solutions is expanded by an Adapter Board to test the use of a fully integrated module as well as the possibility of a discrete development. Only components that are on the Rutronik line card are integrated on the RAB3. The Nisshinbo 60GHz Smart Sensor Micro-Module offers a non-contact and highly accurate measurement solution. With the Infineon XENSIV™ 60 GHz Radar Sensor, a discrete radar IC complements the latest radar technology provided with the RAB3.

Adapter Board RAB4

The RAB4 is an Adapter Board that makes it possible to quickly test the performance of the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology, which is much more accurate than conventional multi-GNSS systems and enables centimeter-precise positioning in real time. Therefore, the board features only state-of-the-art components like the high-precision UM980 RTK positioning module from Unicore, which uses the latest generation of the GNSS SoC NebulasIV. The module offers a high positioning rate of 50 Hz and supports all available GNSS frequencies. Thanks to the Arduino interface, the RAB4 is also easy to combine with other boards such as the RDK3, and ensures fast, cost-effective, and technically sophisticated realization of development projects.

Development Kit RDK4

The RDK4 from Rutronik System Solutions is an automotive qualified, compact Base Board to accelerate the pre-development phase of motor control units. Numerous features such as microcontroller, system base chip, and the most important automotive interfaces CAN FD and LIN are integrated in a very small space. At the heart of the RDK4 is the new PSoCTM 4100S Max with an Arm® Cortex®-M0+ automotive microcontroller and the OPTIREGTM Mid-Range+ system base chip from Infineon. Rutronik System Solutions also provides software examples and the Base Board is already integrated into the ModusToolboxTM development environment. Due to its features, the RDK4 allows versatile use and helps to implement applications quickly.

Development Kit RDK3

With the RDK3 from Rutronik System Solutions, wireless low-power Bluetooth connections with state-of-the-art security features become reality in fast-growing future markets like Advanced Robotics, Smart Building, Smart Factory, and Healthcare. The core element of the RDK3 is Infineon's PSoC 64TM Secured MCU. The Arm Dual Cortex M-Core SOC provides a secure M0+core and enables elementary security features such as Secure Onboarding, Secure Boot, and Secure Firmware Updates. Additional benefit: the software examples from Rutronik System Solutions is integrated into Infineon's ModusToolboxTM. That makes the RDK3 the perfect starting point and complete solution for hardware and firmware developers to design their proof-of-concepts in the field of connectivity.

Development Kit RDK2

Like its predecessor board RutDevKit-STM32L5 the Development Kit RDK2 offers a complete solution for hardware and firmware developers and a basis for a modular toolkit, so that proof of concepts can be created in a very short time. The board is run on the PSoC™ 62 MCU by Infineon. The microcontroller has a dual core CPU and is therefore ideal for secure edge computing and cloud applications. The PSoC™ 62 has an integrated power management IC for SMPS for all connected power supplies. The board's new and unique butterfly design allows for improved handling and user-friendly access to the Arduino connectors and reduces potential interference from electromagnetic effects, especially with RF IoT Arduino Shields. The integrated potentiometer can be used for testing the analog-to-digital conversion. A special feature is that the user can access all pins of the PSoC™ 62 via supplied headers. In addition, a capacitive sensor technology has been installed, the so-called CAPSENSE™.

Adapter Board – Text To Speech

The RutAdaptboard-TextToSpeech can be used for a variety of HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications e.g. smoke detectors, elevators, handheld devices, vending machines, access controls or health products. The speech output is available in different languages e.g.: British English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin). Because of its Arduino pinout it can be operated on any evaluation board with Arduino interfaces. For the speech output an external speaker is needed that can be connected with a 3,5mm Jack socket. The actual speech output is being generated through a PC software and controlled by the host microcontroller. Thus, the functionality of the corresponding HMI can be expanded and significant time and cost savings can be achieved.

Adapter Board – HMS Anybus

The RutAdaptBoard-HMS allows the user to operate the HMS Anybus technology on any evaluation board with Arduino header. The HMS technology is being realised with the attachable PCBs "AnybusCompactCom B40" and the appropriate "Connector Board".

It enables the communication via all common fieldbus and industrial ethernet networks such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, Modbus, POWERLINK, CC-Link, PROFIBUS and many more.

HMS Anybus needs a host microcontroller, that is controlled through a serial interface. This system solution offers the quickest entry for industrial ethernet / fieldbus, that can be configured through software.

Adapter Board – RAB1

The RutAdaptBoard-RAB1 based on Infineon, Bosch SE and Sensirion sensors is an easy approach for the usage of sensor outputs and different sensor combinations. Like all our other boards is has an Arduino header to combine this adapter board with all our other adapter boards but especially to use it together with our RDK2 baseboard. With state of the art sensors it can be used for many sensorfusion applications. Through the supplied headers users can easily access all pins. Operates on any evaluation board with Arduino interfaces and is therefore a perfect fit for our RDK2. With an additional MEMS sensor it can also be used for manipulation detection or navigation functions.

Adapter Board – RAB2

The RutAdaptBoard-RAB2 is based on two state-of-the-art CO2 sensors from our focus suppliers Infineon and Sensirion. With this board our customers have the unique chance to evaluate both CO2 sensors on one board. Rutronik as the distributor leaves the decision to the customers to decide which parts fits the most to their own application. With this board the customer is fully able to make all the necessary first tests and evaluations to know with which part they want to go into the full application development. This board is also equipped with Arduino headers and can therefore be combined with all other Rutronik development base- or adapter boards. Also with all other Arduino compatible boards. Through the supplied headers users can easily access all the pins of the parts.

800 VDC

With the steady increase in high voltage eMobility applications semiconductor-based resettable fuses are quickly replacing mechanical relays and contactors as well as traditional non-resettable fuses. The eFuse concept is an innovative new trend for protecting both the user and the hardware in high power applications. In a new reference design together with our focus supplier Vishay, an eFuse featuring SiC MOSFETs and a VOA300 optocoupler was designed to handle continu[1]ous power up to 40 kW. It has been designed to operate continuously at full power with less than 25 W of losses without requiring active cooling. The design features a preload function, continuous current monitoring and over[1]current protection. Shutting down after a fault only takes 2.5 µs.

Research Level 4

HESS – Hybrid Energy Storage System - Medium Power Industrial

The HESS is a hybrid energy storage system makes use of the advantages of lithium ion batteries and super capacitors (super caps). When operating conventional battery-powered industrial systems in combination with highly dynamic loads (e.g. inductive load), high-frequency current changes with very high current amplitudes are continuously present. Highly dynamic charging and discharging of supercaps is used to provide or absorb this short-term energy. Only nominal currents are applied to the battery. Uncertainties in the system result from the unwanted and parasitic effects in the electronics of DC/DC converters. Oscillations occur in the system and have to be controlled (analog or digital).

Available Soon

Electronic Nose

The system solution electronic nose works like the human sensory organ. Like our nose the system detects volatile compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOC) that emit odors or can be harmful to ones health. This system selectively stimulates the compounds and analyses and characterises the behaviour of the compounds physically and biochemically. When observing volatile compounds in the air, the state is not stationary, it is a volatile state. The status depends on the chemical and physical parameters that are not constant. Thus, a volatile and multidimensional and ever changing system exists.

  • Result of a collaborative research paper with a university within a thesis
  • Contract research with universities and institutions
  • Development of unique IP and corresponding IP protection

Available Soon

Odor Eliminator (UVA)

The system solution odor eliminator makes use of the odor destroying properties of UVA LEDs. Volatile compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOC) can cause odors and can be harmful in certain concentration. The state is not stationary, it is a volatile state. The status depends on the chemical and physical parameters that are not constant. Thus, a volatile and multidimensional and ever changing system exists. The odor eliminator is a system that selectively stimulates volatile compounds. The molecular composition of the VOCs is changed and analysed and destroyed with the help of UVA LEDs.

  • Result of a collaborative research with an external development
  • Contract research with universities and institutions
  • Development of unique IP and corresponding IP protection

Concept Phase

Adapter Board – Virus Eliminator (UVC)

The system solution virus eliminator makes use of the disinfecting effect of UVC LEDs. When observing volatile compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air, the state is not stationary, it is a volatile state. The status depends on the chemical and physical parameters that are not constant. The virus eliminator is a safe and closed system, that precisely destroys the molecular and organic composition of viruses and bacteria in the air.

  • Result of a collaborative research with a supplier
  • Contract research with universities and institutions
  • Development of unique IP and corresponding IP protection

Concept Phase

Wasp Scare

The wasp scare is a system solution that selectively influences the sense of smell of wasps. The influence only occurs within a defined radius. The sense of smell is being limited, so that the insects cannot sense stimuli within that radius. This can be for example the smell of fruit or meat. The technical solution can be adapted to a variety of insects.

  • Result of a collaborative research paper with a university
  • Contract research with universities and institutions
  • Development of unique IP and corresponding IP protection

Concept Phase


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