ATP’s commitment: WE BUILD WITH YOU
01/15/2024 Know-How

Since 1991, ATP Electronics has been recognized as one of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of high performance, high…

Tiny Box PCs for semi-industrial and industrial applications from Kontron
01/08/2024 Know-How

Kontron’s durable SMARTCASE™ building blocks for semi-industrial and industrial applications offer everything for building tiny box PCs tailored…

30 years of partnership between Infineon and Rutronik
12/06/2023 Know-How

Rutronik and Infineon have been working closely together since 1993, a lot has happened in the following years of the partnership. 
At the beginning…

RECOM: Cutting-Edge AC/DC Power Supplies: Compact, Efficient, and Innovative
11/13/2023 Know-How

In a world striving to reduce its carbon footprint, electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility represent the future of transportation. To ensure the…

Infineon's latest Embedded Power IC MOTIX™ TLE989x
10/12/2023 Know-How

Efficiently managing heat is essential for maintaining the operation of electric cars, enhancing battery life, and ensuring passenger safety and…