The SCHURTER Group, founded in 1933, is the world's leading Swiss technology company, ensuring clean and safe supply of power, ease of use and sophisticated overall solutions. Schurter focus on industrial equipment, medical equipment, automotive, avionics and space, data and communication, and energy. Schurter's growth in these dynamic segments is above average. With enormous commitment, they are close to the customers around the world, directly and through their partner network. Thanks to great expertise, innovative strength and a distinctive corporate culture, they are leading the SCHURTER Group sustainably into the digital future, together with their customers and partners.

20 companies in 17 countries belong to the SCHURTER Group, 14 companies of which have their own production sites. This ensures that all major markets can be served by their own companies. They are coordinated from three hubs: SCHURTER AG in Lucerne for Europe, SCHURTER Inc. in Santa Rosa for America as well as SCHURTER (S) Pte. Ltd. in Singapore for Asia. In addition, SCHURTER has representatives in about 60 countries and works together with over 65 distributors. This close-knit network guarantees that SCHURTER products are securely and quickly available internationally.

The SCHURTER Group employs about 2'000 people worldwide. Each of these employees significantly contributes to corporate success and allows SCHURTER to be a leading innovator and manufacturer of electronic components and systems in the world.


As a leading innovator, SCHURTER manufactures and distributes components for circuit protection, as well as connectors, switches and EMC products. In close cooperation with the customers, input systems are developed and manufactured. SCHURTER also offers services for the electronics industry in the field of printed circuit board assembly. The business unit Solutions coordinates complete solutions from project planning to the manufacture of end products.

  • Products and Services: Circuit Protection: Fuse-Links, Fuseholders, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, Voltage Selectors
  • Connectors: IEC Appliance Couplers, Appliance Inlets, Connectors, Appliance Outlets, Plugs, Power Supply Cords, Interconnection Cords
  • EMC Products: 1- and 3-phase Line Filters with and without IEC Appliance Inlets, Sine Filters, Chokes and Pulse Transformers
  • Switches: Metal Line Switches, Printmount and Frontpanel Switches, Public Transport Switches, Indicators
  • Input Systems: Metal- and Membrane Keypads, Touch Screens, Touch Panels, Cabinet and Housing Systems
  • Services: Electronic Manufacturing Services for the Electronic Industry, Development of Customer specific Products, Support of pre Compliance Measurement for EMC topic

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