Complex, Modern and Innovative. Electronics Keep the World on the Move, we Keep Electronics on the Move.

Electromechanics are one of the most important parts of a balanced product portfolio. Was it in the past the plug or the relay, today we are talking about complex products with enormous innovation leaps.

Growing Demands Require Innovative Products and High Quality.

Rutronik supports you in selecting the most appropriate electromechanical components for your application. Our plug and cable department will advise You when it comes to the technical demands of your market area. In addition, you can expect expert advice when you need Relays, Switches fuses, batteries or thermal management solutions.

Electromechanical Components Guide V6.2

Suppliers & Focus Interconnect Solutions, Connectors, Relays, Fuses, Switches, Thermomanagement, Batteries
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Switches - Product Lines & Applications

Product Lines & Applications
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Molex Selector Guide

Molex is a leading provider of connector solutions and offers a portfolio of 100,000+ products. The Molex Selector Guide is a selection of top products from connectors and antennas, perfect to find individual solutions. The flyer shows 12 Molex focus families, technical parameters and features at a glance, including links to product videos and purchase options. Applications are industrial and automotive.
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Jamicon Cooling Solutions AC & DC Fans

Applications: Industry, Power Supply, Automotive, Medical Equipment, Consumer Audio, Consumer
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Littelfuse Resettable Fuses – PTCs

Selection Guide PTC Characteristics & Technologies
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MOSFET Relays from OMRON

Omron’s G3VM MOSFET relays are a world-leading benchmark in the solid state relay (SSR) market. Manufactured using the latest advances in automated production, they include a variety of improved construction technologies within the areas of the input LED, PDA and MOSFET chips used in the load switching circuit. These innovations have helped us to achieve further reductions in package sizes and power requirements and provide components with best-in-class specifications.
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Thermal Management - Solutions for Heat Transmission

The Rutronik portfolio encompasses state-of-the-art fans, thermal interface materials such as thermally conductive film, phase change materials or gap fillers and heat sinks.
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Relays by NF Forward

NF Forward manufactures and distributes a wide range of general purpose, power, signal, automotive and solid state relays, certified with approvals customary in the particular market.
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ASSMANN WSW extends the product portfolio of die casting process by introducing the State-of-the-Art of SSM - hybrid process which combines advantages of the casting and forging process. Products produced by semisolid thixotropic alloys have very low air inclusions, high strength and toughness. SEMI SOLID METAL (SSM) aluminum components are also heat treatable, weldable and pressure tight.
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JAE MX80 Selector Guide

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USB-C Selector Guide 2.0

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