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Our society is becoming “smart” – from wearables and building services to salesrooms and entire industrial sectors, smart technologies are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in many areas of life. The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform our lives in a profound way. Rutronik Smart wants to play an active role in shaping this new, smart world – as a partner for technical, business, and logistics consulting services.

The experts at Rutronik Smart support customers when it comes to the development and connectively of their applications by selecting innovative sensors, suitable wireless protocols, the right security chips, and cloud services. In this context, their approach is to sell solutions: Rutronik Smart offers all the necessary components from its 360-degree product range from a single source. This makes it possible to significantly reduce a product’s time to market. In addition, Rutronik sees itself as a source of ideas on how to make the application “smart” by having the experts from Rutronik select the ideal manufacturers and products for it.

At Rutronik Smart, the focus is on advising customers: a large team of product managers from the sensor and wireless department and an industry-leading sensor, RF, and wireless product range guarantee that Rutronik offers an outstanding selection of products with unmatched availability for your project – and thanks to our small order warehouse, samples are always available for developers.

In this process, close collaboration with partners also guarantees consistently high product quality. At the same time, continuous supply chain optimization thanks to extensive business relationships with EMS service providers and Rutronik’s own experience and expertise in logistics services ensures supply security.

Our Benefits. At a Glance:

Rutronik Smart uses existing concepts and experience to drastically reduce time to market – saving time and money.

Rutronik Smart has a large team of product managers who provide comprehensive and expert advice. This simplifies component selection – and cuts development costs.

Rutronik Smart has an industry-leading sensor, RF, and wireless product portfolio and guarantees product quality through close collaboration with its contractual partners. This provides security – and cuts costs in the procurement process.

Smart Topics. At a Glance.

Predictive Maintenance: Predictive maintenance is a core component of Industry 4.0 and is used to predict when equipment is due for maintenance.

Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things is a collection of all the technologies that make it possible to connect devices to each other and to the Internet.

Industry 4.0: After the first industrial revolution (18th/19th century, use of machines), the second industrial revolution (early 20th century, assembly line and piece work) and the third industrial revolution (mid-20th century, computerization), Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth stage of industrial development towards technologies that enable factories and industries to react quickly, with flexibility, and to some extent autonomously to changing conditions thanks to digitization and the data available.

Cloud Service/Cloud Computing: In cloud computing, processing power is obtained from an outsourced IT infrastructure via the Internet instead of from local computers and data centers.

Big Data: The term literally refers to quantities of data that are too large, too complex, too fast moving, or too weakly structured to be analyzed with conventional methods of data processing. Complex algorithms are used to analyze this data; the term has negative connotations from a privacy perspective.

Digital Transformation: Digital transformation is a feature of Industry 4.0 and describes societal change processes driven by digital technologies.

System Integration: System integration refers to the integration, expansion, and modification of hardware and software into an IT infrastructure or target application.

Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality refers to the computer-assisted enhancement of one’s perception of reality, for example by displaying additional information on an image or video.

Smart Data: “Smart” data refers to datasets that are extracted from larger quantities of data (see Big Data) by algorithms based on specific criteria and which contain useful information.

Smart Cloud: Cloud services that provide customers information to customers via the Internet on the basis of “smart” data.


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Our Products. For Your Project.

Smart applications collect a wealth of environmental data. Intelligent sensors with their own processing power capture this data, process it based on predefined parameters, and output it as digital information. Suitable sensors for smart applications include magnetic, optical, and MEMS sensors, among others.

Whether fitness trackers, refrigerators, air conditioners, or predictive maintenance, Internet of Things (IoT) applications require wireless connectivity to transmit the information generated by smart devices. This includes hardware, transfer protocols, application profiles, security aspects, certificates, and more.

The IoT opens up new, unexpected possibilities and makes life easier for us. But the more data in circulation, the more important it becomes to protect it from unauthorized access and misuse, which is why when it comes to the IoT, security is a top priority. State-of-the-art cryptography under the three aspects of authentication, integrity, and confidentiality guarantees the security of your data on the IoT.

The Telit IoT Portal is a single-sourced solution of end-to-end platform services designed to help you develop, deploy, and manage your complex multi-point IoT solutions. Engineered for “unified-streamlined-simplicity,” the IoT Portal provides you with a command and control hub from where you can seamlessly connect and integrate your “things” with your “apps.”
Powered by the acclaimed Telit IoT Platform, the IoT Portal allows you to connect, integrate, and manage with visibility, control, inter-operability, and intelligent insight across your global IoT value-chain. Advanced services, resources, and tools enable the application, administration & security, data management, device management, connectivity management, and connectivity data plans.