Take the Driver´s Seat: Rutronik TechTalk meets Gate Driver

Rutronik presents the Gate Driver’s Day together with Infineon and Recom. Every Switch Needs A Driver. MOSFETs, IGBTs and new WBG technologies like Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride all need gate drivers. However each needs a different type of driver, due to differing gate voltages and dynamic switching behaviours. Low voltage and high voltage applications, fast or soft switched applications and choosing the most appropriate switching topology pose a great challenge for the engineers when it comes to selecting the right component from the broad product range available on the market. On two days, the experts from Infineon, Recom and Rutronik will bring you the knowledge to help you select the right gate driver for your application. Together we will answer these key questions:

  • What important parameters have to be considered?
  • What different technologies of gate drivers are available and how do they differ? 
  • How to generate the right driver voltage for your switch?
  • How to get optimum switching performance and reliability by design?
  • What design and selection tools are available from Infineon, and how to use them?

The experts from Rutronik, Infineon and Recom are looking very much forward to presenting their knowledge and solutions around the topic of gate drivers to you. Sign up now!

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