TechTalk on Current Topics and Relevant Trends in the Field of Sensor Technology, UV LEDs and EV Charging

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

2021 is yet another extraordinary year in many respects. The electronics industry once again has to face special challenges. On one hand, there’s a global allocation, which lasts since last year and still decisively influences the actions of purchasing and development. On the other hand, in 2021 it is more important than ever, to drive innovations forward and to counter the pandemic and its serious effects with new developments.

Together with leading manufacturers from sensor technology, UV LED & thermal management and the trend topic EV Charging, we will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and answer your questions in three days at the Digital TechTalk on June 8th - 10th, 2021.

June 8

Sensor Technology

Does that make sense to you?

This question is often asked at the end of a pitch to check whether what was said adds value for the recipient. And indeed, it makes sense for you to attend the Tech Talk with the topic of sensors if you want updates on new developments in the field of magnetic sensing as well as new trends in environmental sensing. Absolute experts in the field of position sensing will talk to you about tomorrow's applications, taking into account special requirements in industrial and automotive applications. On the other hand, we have the world leaders in the field of air quality measurement presenting innovative solutions, even using artificial intelligence.

Do not miss this opportunity and come by. It makes sense!

June 9


Due to their sterilizing effect against the corona virus, the demand for UV LEDs has increased tremendously. However, UV light can cover many more applications (e.g. odour elimination, disinfection of water, air and/or surfaces, curing, horticulture, medical imaging of cells, drug detection, fire safety, conservation process, photosynthesis…). The traditional lamps have many disadvantages such as finite on/off Switching . In addition, Filters (Hepa, activated carbon, ceramic ...) are based on the storage effect (the pollutants are only retained, but not destroyed), need a maintenance and aren´t suitable for the online control. UVA-LEDs are particularly suitable for coating metal containers due to their better corrosion protection. Also for drying and curing of plastic coatings, or of lacquer on wood, e.g. for floor coverings or wooden furniture and for curing systems of adhesives, as well as for drying in 3D/ink printers, this technology is convincing. The Rutronik portfolio proposes UV-leds, UV-modules, UV-lens, LED-driver, air fan, control-sensor (UV, VOC, PIR …) for the thermal management and heat dissipation . We offer an evaluation board for customers, which detects odors by means of a VOC sensor and neutralizes them with UVA-LEDs plus photocatalyse filter on the one hand and on the other hand a board, which enables the disinfection of air, water and surfaces by means of UVC-LEDS.

Come and join our sessions on 09.06.2021 to get the latest information about full UV-solutions and applications for water disinfection, virus destruction , odour elimination and curing. You can access a series of technical presentations from leading suppliers of electronic components, where you will be shown innovative focus products optimised for use in UV applications. We invite you to take this opportunity to meet the experts from Stanley, Liteon, Laser Components, Assmann WSW, Infineon and Ledil to exchange information with them on the day.


June 10

Electric Vehicle Charging

RUTRONIK EV Charger Tech Talk Welcome to the EV Charger Tech Talk, where RUTRONIK, together with leading manufacturers and suppliers of electronic components, will present the latest technologies for designing a robust electrical infrastructure and charging stations that meet the needs of a new generation of electric vehicles. While charging technology has been evolving at a faster pace, electrical infrastructure development across cities based on wall boxes, public chargers and fast charging stations has remained a challenge. The requirement profiles vary considerably and the selection of the best fit electronic components is a challenge even for the experienced developer. We help you to shorten the development time and support you with specific solutions around the EV charger design.

Key topics on the agenda include:

• 11 kW / 800V SiC bi-directional DC/DC converter board applications. With its highly efficient bi-directional power flow capability and soft switching characteristics it is the ideal building block to speed up the fast prototyping of any EV and ESS charger project.

• HVC (High-Voltage Contactor) for safety disconnection of high-voltage batteries.

• Off-Board Chargers for E-Mobility - Vienna Type, Bridgeless, T-Type, LLC and Phase shift full-bridge. Various different topologies are suitable. Each type has specific benefits, boosting the efficiency requires the right power products. Vishay will explain different components` technologies and their advantages is charger circuits. Related Products Magnetics, RFI, DC-Link and Resonant Capcitors, Ultrafast and SiC Diodes, Shunts and MOSFETs

• High Power Charger Connector Design



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