Rutronik Adapter Board – RAB2 for CO2 Sensing

One Unique Adapter Board to Test the Best Fitting CO2 Sensor for Your Application

RAB2 is an evaluation board to familiarize with environmental CO2, Relative Humidity and Temperature sensing using a quick measurement with two independent CO2 sensors to let customers develop their own solutions. It enables faster Time-to-Market for products where CO2, Relative Humidity and Temperature level measurements in the environment is needed. RAB2 was designed by Rutronik to promote outstanding products selected only from suppliers in the linecard. It is also designed as an Arduino compatible shield board. This means it is stackable to incorporate in a complex evaluation system.

CO2 Sensing and Monitoring is the Basis for a Better Health

High CO2 concentrations can affect work performance by causing concentration problems and fatigue. CO2 concentration also serves as an indicator of the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria. This is why we chose two state-of-the-art CO2 sensors from our focus suppliers Infineon and Sensirion. With Infineons PASCO2V01 and Sensirions SCD41-D-R1 you find two sensors which enable the development of reliable CO2 monitros that improve performance and reduce risk of viral contamination. Both sensors are based on a photoacoustic measurement principle in a compact design to allow easy and flexible integration into air conditioning systems.

Rutronik Solutions Level 3 – Advanced Design Level

CO2 Sensing is Needed to Develop State-of-the-Art Applications

Increasingly efficient building insulation can help to mitigate the effects of climate change, but heavily insulated buildings are not always good for human health. Poor ventilation can result in lower oxygen levels and a build-up of carbon dioxide (CO2). Even moderate levels of CO2 can have a negative impact on health and productivity. Already at 1000ppm, people begin to experience drowsiness and have difficulty concentrating. Consequently, CO2 sensor module manufacturers are facing a growing demand for smart indoor air quality sensors that can “smell” rising levels of CO2 and either alert the user or trigger a system response. Smart home CO2 sensors enable real-time CO2 monitoring for demand-controlled ventilation systems, air purifiers, and thermostats while allowing users to accurately measure and adjust indoor air quality.




Sensirions digital CO2 sensor with accuracy of +-(40 ppm + 5% MV) @400-5000 ppm, low power


Infineons CO2 sensor with highest accuracy and robust performance at ppm level (+-30 ppm +#3% of reading)


Diodes boost converter

I2C and SPI interface via Arduino compatible ADAM-TECH connectors.

A Keystone Electronics Test Point connector for a ground signal.


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