Well-known suppliers, Rutronik IT Electronics and Rutronik System Solutions:

Rutronik presents state-of-the-art components and future-oriented system solutions at embedded world 2024

From self-driving vehicles and intelligent production lines to networked household appliances: Today's world interacts with each other, is intelligent and connected. Embedded systems are essential and assume important control, regulation, and information processing tasks. As a result, a wide variety of challenges and requirements arise for both individual components and overall systems to achieve the optimum solution in different environments and applications. 

At embedded world 2024 from April 9 to 11, Rutronik presents innovative components from leading manufacturers as well as complete and system solutions to make tomorrow's applications compact, intelligent, and resource-saving in the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre Hall 2 at Booth 248.

The best components for the corresponding application

The requirements for electronic components differ depending on the application. With products from Infineon, Intel, Kontron, MediaTek, Panasonic, Raystar, Telit Cinterion, and Tianma, among others, Rutronik shows a broad product portfolio of well-known manufacturers from the areas of Boards & Systems, Digital, Displays, Storage, and Wireless. In addition, nine walls including products from Nordic Semiconductor show how individual components fit into a complex overall system at the Rutronik Booth.

Impressions of the Rutronik Booth at embedded world 2024

  • April 09 - 11, 2024
    Nuremberg Exhibition Centre
    Tue & Wed: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Thu: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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  • Rutronik IT Electronics – broad product portfolio of PC components and complete systems

    With the foundation of Rutronik IT Electronics, Rutronik expands its existing product portfolio and takes a new path. The division addresses IT system integrators and specialist resellers and supplies them with computer components and systems.

    At embedded world 2024, Rutronik informs visitors about the new division and presents its product portfolio at a counter. It includes exone, a brand of Extra Computer GmbH, which offers reliable PC systems for professional business environments. The powerful exone go Premico 1780 X13 notebook is one example that visitors can see at the counter of Rutronik IT Electronics.

    Rutronik System Solutions introduces the new Adapter Board RAB4 for the first time

    Besides the entire portfolio of Base and Adapter Boards, Rutronik System Solutions presents the RAB4 for the first time. The RAB4 makes it possible to test the performance of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology quickly, which is much more accurate than conventional multi-GNSS systems and enables centimeter-precise positioning in real-time. To achieve that, the board contains only state-of-the-art components like the high-precision UM980 RTK positioning module from Unicore.

    To demonstrate the performance of RTK technology and the RAB4, an application example can be seen at the Rutronik Booth. For this purpose, a rover able to operate and control with centimeter precision via an app has been developed. That is possible by combining the Adapter Board using an Arduino interface with the RDK3, a Base Board from Rutronik System Solutions that enables a wireless connection via Bluetooth® Low Energy.

    Rutronik Booth Overview

    Boosting brightness and color intensity of LCD displays from different viewing angles

    Super Fine TFT (SFT) is a technoloy from our supplier Tianma for wide viewing angle without significant change of brightness or color. Tianma's displays include products based on passive, TFT and LTPS technology, as well as color filters and backlights. New display lines are utilizing AM-OLED technology and support a wide range of applications around smart phones, tablet PCs, wearables, and applications in fields such as automotive, instrumentation, industrial, medical, avionic, marine, and home automation.

    With a worldwide franchise and the strong partnership with Rutronik, Raystar is the right choice for ambitious display projects. Raystar offers advanced technology, design services, and manufacturing efficiency in Character OLED modules, Graphic OLED modules, TFT LCM display modules, Monochrome Character LCD modules, and Graphic LCM display modules. The products are available in small and medium sizes and are predestined for industrial and consumer applications.

    Talk to our experts for more information on display technologies from Tianma and Raystar and also regarding product and technology news from Kontron and Transcend.

    Small Touchscreens – Flexible Innovation – Human Connection

    Discover latest display technologies and especially all around In-Plane Switching (IPS) from our suppliers Apacer, Kontron, Mimo Monitors, and URT Display. Let us introduce two of our suppliers at our counter focusing on IPS Technology: 

    Mimo Monitors is a global expert and industry leader in small touchscreen monitors, displays, and tablets.  Focused on flexible and customizable solutions, Mimo Monitor's touchscreens are intuitive to use, easy to deploy, and sleek in design, all while enhancing productivity and user experience.

    URT is a professional LCD and touch solution provider with expertise in TN/STN/FSTN, Color STN, TFT LCD, touch panel RTP and PCAP, semi-customization, bonding, and integration. Furthermore, URT can offer many unique features such as Mini-LED, Quantum dot displays (high color saturation), high resolution displays (WSVGA and WXGA), water repellent PCAP touch panels, EWD displays, and LC shutter glass.

    There is more to discover at our counter focusing on IPS Technology. Don't hesitate to discuss about your requirements with our experts. 

    Intel RealSense and ASUS NUC

    Discover latest technologies from our suppliers Intel and Asus with demos of RealSense and NUC:

    • Intel RealSense D456: IP65 camera for greater ranges of up to six meters and therefore ideal for outdoor applications.
    • Intel RealSense D457: IP65 camera as the first high-bandwidth stereo camera with GMSL/FAKRA interface from Intel RealSense. Benefit from reduced power consumption as well as low ESD/EMI noise and reduced latency.
    • ASUS NUC14 Pro Plus: This series is offered with Intel CPUs from the 14th generation. Available as Core Ultra 5, 7, and 9.
    • ASUS NUC 14 Pro: This series is also offered with Intel CPUs from the 14th generation. Available as Core Ultra 3, 5, and 7. The Core Ultra 5 and 7 versions are also available as Intel vPro versions. 
    • ASUS NUC13 Rugged: The NUC13 Rugged is offered in a robust industrial version and can be used in production environments. The NUC is available with Intel Atom CPUs x7425E and x7211E. 

    MediaTek GENIO Edge AI Solutions

    With MediaTek's GENIO series of application processors, we showcase a powerful, robust, and scalable platform for egde computing applications. From concept to development and production, with the GENIO family you can evaluate your ideas and requirements quick and easy and develop innovative products very efficient. 

    Rutronik offers a complete ecosystem consisting of open software platform, fully documented evaluation boards, and on top a wide range of embedded modules and embedded boards. Come and talk to our experts about the possibilities that MediaTek GENIO can offer to you.

    Cutting-edge solutions in Bluetooth Low Energy technology and Smart Home integration

    SoCs and SoMs with integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy are popular and still moving forward:

    • SoCs from Infineon and modules based on these ICs,
    • modules based on Nordic Semiconductor's SoCs, the leading manufacturer in the ultra-low power wireless sector,
    • the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy module from Murata, the Type 2EG 

    Moreover, we showcase modules from our suppliers Insight SiP, Panasonic, and Minew. The modules from Insight SiP already contain both crystals and certifications, and are noticeable due to their extremely small design, which nevertheless looks like a chip thanks to the patented internal antenna solution. 

    In addition, our supplier EnOcean is represented both in the form of sensor modules (STM 550B) and the latest Bluetooth switch PTM 216B. Also be curious for the smart home demo in cooperation with EnOcean and WiButler. This shows how the EnOcean wireless network connects a wide variety of smart home devices.

    Insights into state-of-the-art wireless technologies

    Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) is a wireless solution to exchange data quickly over short distances. It is also used in applications where a high positioning accurancy with up to 10 centimeters is required. Murata's new UWB module Type 2AB and UWB plus Bluetooth® Low Energy combined modules Type 2DK and Type 2BP 

    • Minew's combined solution MS01SF1 
    • Insight SiP's UWB and BLE combo module ISP3080-UX

    Don't also miss the UWB demo from Insight SiP. Additonally, you can explore our portfolio of the newest WiFi 6/6E modules and cards from our suppliers Advantech, Insight SiP, Intel, Minew, Murata, Panasonic, Silex, and Telit Cinterion.

    From SubGHz WiFi, over single 2.4 GHz, dual band 2.4 plus 5 GHz solutions, and tri-band solutions with addional 6GHz frequency can be discovered at our counter. One further highlight is the M.2 card solution from Intel with the quite recently released WiFi 7 IEEE 802.11be standard.

    Learn about Nordic Semiconductor's leading ultra-low power IoT solutions

    Discover wireless IoT solutions and getting-started development kits from our supplier Nordic Semiconductor. One of the highlights will include a Matter Connectivity Demo for smart home applications. Showcased key technologies from Nordic Semiconductor at our Rutronik booth will include:

    • Bluetooth® Low Energy including Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio, Thread and Matter
    • Wi-Fi for low power Wi-Fi 6 applications
    • Cellular IoT with LTE-M, NB-IoT, GNSS, and DECT NR+
    • Power Management for efficiently reducing power consumption

    How to combine best-in-class components on development boards

    At the Rutronik System Solutions area of our Rutronik Booth, you will discover our state-of-the-art product portfolio to drive your innovations focusing on applications from enhanced data transfer speeds to seamless integration with IoT. The Rutronik System Solutions Base Boards and Adapter Boards combine components from different suppliers, such as from Telit Cinterion and Unicore Communications.

    Revolutionizing Next-Generation Connectivity with 5G RedCap and Cat 1 bis technologies mark a significant milestone to deliver high-performance connectivity with ultra-low latency and unprecedented reliability. Embark on a journey of accuracy and efficiency by getting insights into groundbreaking RTK technology representing a new era in high precision positioning navigation.  We are therefore thrilled to showcase Telit Cinterion's latest advancements in cellular technology, positioning, and smart modules. 

    Unicore Communications is well known for high-quality positioning and GNSS products that are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, agriculture, surveying, and transportation. The company's products are designed to provide accurate and reliable positioning data to support a variety of applications. Discover Unicore's latest product offerings, including cutting-edge GNSS and RTK receivers and positioning solutions.  Talk to our experts to discuss how Unicore's products can help meet your requirements and fulfill the specific needs of your target application. 

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