Rutronik Adapter Board – Text To Speech

Easy Implementation of Voice Guidance

Rutroniks Text To Speech Adapter board can be used for a variety of HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications e.g. smoke detectors, elevators, handheld devices, vending machines, access controls or health products. For the speech output an external speaker is needed that can be connected with a 3,5mm Jack socket. The actual speech output is being generated through a PC software and controlled by the host microcontroller. This means that you only need the board and a normal PC to easily and quickly implement a voice guidance for all of your applications. Besides this expanded functionality to the corresponding HMI a significant time and cost saving can be achieved.

Improved: Operates with any Arduino Interface, Different Languages Available, No Expensive Studio Recording Necessary

Because of its Arduino pinout it can be operated on any evaluation board with Arduino interfaces. This gives you an easy access to all the functions you can achieve with this compact and handy Text To Speech adapter board. Additionally the speech output is available in different languages e.g.: British English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin). This gives you the highest flexibility in terms of different markets in all areas around the world. You also don’t need to take care  of expensive studio recordings of the voice instructions, because you can achieve all this with the included software. This means a faster time to market with a big improvement and great feature for your unique applications.

Rutronik Solutions Level 3 – Advanced Design Level

Hardware and corresponding software by Epson and customization by Rutronik

Main part on this board is Epsons text to speech IC with Voice/Audio play function which supports up to 12 languages. With this IC Epson has begun shipping a PC tool for creating high-quality voice data in an expanded range of languages for an audio playback microcontroller and IC. The use of voice guidance has become increasingly common in items ranging from remote-controlled tankless water heaters, home electronics, and health and fitness equipment to alarms in office buildings, shopping complexes, and factories. This board has been optimized for these applications and have been well-received by customers. By providing this adapter board we enable developers of items such as household equipment, home electronics, health and fitness equipment, and industrial equipment to easily make their products multilingual by embedding an IC.




EPSON Voice/Sound ASIC. Used for the high-quality audio and natural voice playback. The external SPI flash memory interface enables large amounts of audio data to be stored. All the functions are controlled by sending the commands over a serial interface and thus easily added onto any existing system with a host processor or a microcontroller.


Powerful reverse polarity protection diodes combining multiple power sources.


A very low voltage dropout, low quiescent current, and low noise features make it suitable for low-power battery-powered applications.


The Infineon NOR Flash 64MBit memory S25FL064L interfaced with ASIC via SPI.

32.768kHz Crystal:

Low power clock source for the Epson’s ASIC.

CLASS D Audio Amplifier:

A differential Class-D BTL power amplifier.

Filter Inductors:

Output filter to reduce EMI-radiated emissions and to meet regulations standards.


2.54mm right angle speaker output header.


Adam Tech high-quality 3.5 stereo jack for stereo speakers/headphones.

Arduino connectors:

Arduino shield compatible connectors to be used with various Arduino compatible motherboards.

SLIDE Switch:

Interface selection switch between USB or Arduino modes. Enables users to upload voice data from PC or use it with the host controller.

USB to SPI Bridge:

The USB to SPI Interface Bridge to control Voice/Sound ASIC via USB port and upload voice/sound data.

Power switch:

Current limited high-side power switch protects the USB power source against overloads.

Power and status LEDs:

Four indication LEDs to indicate the states of the system.

USB ESD protection:

ESD protection diodes to protect USB Host and the Text-To-Speech board during ESD events.

GND Test point:

Ground SMD test point for the convenient connection with an oscilloscope or multimeter probes.

Micro USB connector:

Adam Tech micro USB connector is used to interface the computer via USB bridge.


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