Motor Control

Go-to Memory Technology and High Energy Efficiency

With the continuous push towards higher energy efficiency, the use of variable speed motor control drivers in industrial, automotive, and consumer markets is growing continuously. In parallel, the product life cycles are getting shorter by each generation asking for ways to easily and rapidly integrate the required control algorithms.

Key Application Requirements

  • High speed I/O writes into memory
  • Capture data instantly on power loss
  • Log data continuously over a 15-year product lifespan
  • Fast expansion RAM to run control algorithms
  • High speed scratch-pad memory for user applications

Infineon NOR Flash and F-RAM Value

  • Data Logging
    • Go-to memory technology: EXCELON™ F-RAM
    • NoDelay Write: Captures data instantly on power loss (35 ns burst access time)
    • Read/write endurance of 100 trillion cycles to log data continuously for 15-20 years at 85 °C
    • High performance: More than 10x increase in performance with a 108Mhz serial QSPI interface vs today's SPI FRAMs
    • Ultra low power: Consumes 200x less energy than EEPROMs
  • Boot Code Storage
    • Go-to memory technology: SEMPER™ NOR Flash
    • Architected and designed to ISO 26262 standards: IEC-61508 ready
    • Real-time safety diagnostics and reporting (ECC rate > 97%)
    • Endurance Flex™ enables 25 years retention and 1M+ program/erase cycles
    • Instant-on at power loss
    • Secure environment: SEMPER™ Secure for end-to-end system security and encrypted R/W
  • Buffer Expansion
    • Go-to memory technology: Async SRAM
    • Fast access: Fastest access time as low as 10ns
    • High reliability: On-chip ECC to provide lowest soft error rate < 0.1FIT/Mbit
    • Low Power: Powersnooze™ option for energy efficient operation

Focus Whitepapers

Find the following Infineon whitepapers available for download:

  • EXCELON™ F-RAM functional safety
  • HYPERRAM™ as a low pin-count expansion memory for embedded systems
  • SEMPER™ NOR flash Enabling Functional Safety for Automotive and Industrial Systems

Product Highlights