Industrial Robots

Power, Sensing, and Connectivity for the Future of Advanced and Digital Manufacturing

Industrial robots have become increasingly prevalent in industrial environments. You can find them in diverse industries ranging from welding robots in the automotive sector to warehouses to optimize logistics. There are several motivations for the manufacturing industry to consider industrial robots: Production cost is a rising factor while prices for robots keep falling. Production quality and precisely repeatable processes are essential, and dirty and dangerous actions are made for industrial robots to relieve human workers from working in these environments.

The main building blocks of industrial robots are the controller that allows for controlling the robot's components and enabling the monitoring of its environment, the manipulator (e.g., robot's arm) that operates on actual objects and sensors providing information to the controller on position, speed, but also the surrounding environment.

Key Application Requirements

  • Write real-time IO data at fast speed
  • Capture data instantly on power loss
  • Log data continuously over a 15-year product lifespan
  • Future-proof upgrade of memory due to expanding data storage requirements

Infineon NOR Flash and F-RAM Value

  • NOR Flash Solutions
    • Functional safety features as diagnostics, reporting, safe boot
    • SEMPER™ and JEDEC xSPI compliant
    • SEMPER™ Secure for end-to-end system security and encrypted R/W
    • EnduraFlex™ enables 25 years retention and 1M+ program/erase cycles
    • Extended temperatures (-40 °C to 105 °C)
  • F-RAM Solutions
    • Infineon instant non-volatile writes to instantly and reliably capture data on power loss
    • Reliability is assured with 1,000 trillion write cycles at 85C
    • EXCELON-LP offers the lowest active and idle power to ensure maximum battery life
  • NOR FLASH & F-RAM: Long-term commitment beyond 2030

Focus Whitepapers

Find the following Infineon whitepapers available for download:

  • EXCELON™ F-RAM functional safety
  • HYPERRAM™ as a low pin-count expansion memory for embedded systems
  • SEMPER™ NOR flash Enabling Functional Safety for Automotive and Industrial Systems

Product Highlights