Infineon's Memory Solutions for Embedded Systems

When failure is not an option, depend on Infineon's broad portfolio of high-performance memory solutions for automotive, industrial, and communications applications.

Focus Whitepapers

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  • EXCELON™ F-RAM functional safety
  • HYPERRAM™ as a low pin-count expansion memory for embedded systems
  • SEMPER™ NOR flash Enabling Functional Safety for Automotive and Industrial Systems

Typical Application Areas

  • Automotive: Autonomous drive systems, Instrument clusters, Battery management, Camera System, Infotainment, Gateway
  • Industrial: PLC, HMI, Machine vision, Medical wearables, Smart meter, Motor control, IoT robotics, EV charging, Solar inverters, Service robots
  • Communications/Data center: Acceleration cards, Server board controllers, Enterprise router/switch, Baseband systems, 4G/5G radio, Small/pico cell
  • Consumer & Other: Wearable devices and HMI display panels, IoT gateways, Communication modules

Typical Applications - NOR Flash

Typical Applications - RAM

Product Highlights

With nearly 40 years of experience in discrete memory semiconductors, Infineon offers differentiated portfolio of volatile and non-volatile memories featuring: the SEMPER™ family of safe, secure, and reliable NOR Flash, the EXCELON™ family of ultra-low power, high-performance, reliable F-RAM products, and Infineon's HYPERBUS™ interface-based HYPERFLASH™ NOR Flash and HYPERRAM™ pSRAM memories.

Highlight Memory Products in Nutshell:


Infineon's SEMPER™ NOR Flash memory provides the high-performance and critical safety features needed for automotive, industrial, and communications applications. It is architected and designed for functional safety, making it the industry's first ASIL-B-compliant and ASIL- D-ready NOR Flash. Infineon endurance flex architecture enables individual partitions to be configured for 1+ million program/erase cycles or 25 years data retention at a wide range of temperatures (-40° C to +125° C).

Target Applications:

  • Autonomous drive systems, Instrument cluster and Head unit/Cockpit, and Battery management
  • Communications and Industrial

Infineon's HYPERRAM™ is a high-speed, low-pin-count, low-power self-refresh Dynamic RAM (DRAM) for high-performance embedded systems requiring expansion memory for scratchpad or buffering purposes. HYPERRAM™ products support JEDEC JESD251 profile compliant HYPERBUS™ and Octal xSPI interfaces that draw upon the legacy features of both parallel and serial interface memories, while enhancing system performance and ease of design, as well as reducing system cost. The low-pin count architecture makes HYPERRAM™ especially suitable for power and board space constrained applications requiring off-chip external RAM.

Target Applications:

  • Automotive instrument clusters, Infotainment and Telematics systems
  • Industrial machine vision, Industrial and consumer HMI display panels
  • Consumer wearable devices, IoT gateways and Communication modules

The 8Mbit and 16Mbit EXCELON™ Ferroelectric RAMs (F-RAM) are Infineon Technologies' latest addition to the EXCELON™ family of next-generation F-RAM devices, delivering the industry's highest density serial non-volatile RAM (NVRAM), superior performance and reliability for mission-critical data capture. The new 8Mbit and 16Mbit EXCELON™ F-RAM products offer low-pin-count serial SPI and Quad SPI (QSPI) interfaces for high-speed non-volatile data logging, preventing data loss even in harsh industrial operating environments over extreme temperatures.

Target Applications:    

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines
  • Portable and implantable medical

EXCELON™ F-RAM for Automotive and Industrial Data-Logging

Introducing HYPERRAM™ - All Purpose Expansion Memories

Introducing SEMPER™ NOR Flash Memories

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