Product of the Week

CW49 - Displaytech Monochrome Display 64128M-FC-BW-3
11/28/2022 Product of the week

No matter whether in vehicles, in household appliances, in smart home applications and metering devices you will always find passive monochrome…

CW48 - Epson RTC Module - RX8901CE
11/28/2022 Product of the week

Solutions for Lowering System Power and Improving Time Accuracy

CW47 - URT 3.5" TFT mit Res. Touch - UMSH-8252MD-3T
11/21/2022 Product of the week

URT brings colour into your life!

CW46 - Displaytech Small 1,8 TFT
11/14/2022 Product of the week

The subject of Displaytech, who have many small displays available is to secure a stable supply over several years.

CW45 - Littelfuse SV6050xAx SCR Discrete Thyristor Series
11/07/2022 Product of the week

The SV6050xAx series are AEC-Q101 qualified 50A High Junction Temperature SCRs (Silicium Controlled Rectifier) especially designed for automotive…