The Electronics Industry in Transformation: The new edition of RUTRONIKER, commemorating Rutronik's 50th anniversary, sheds light on milestones and the future.

The latest issue of RUTRONIKER is dedicated to celebrating Rutronik's 50th anniversary and provides a unique journey through the history and future of the electronics industry.


"We closely monitor global markets to spot and assess trends and market dynamics early. In doing so, we consistently identify approaches with true disruptive potential and have always positioned ourselves with a focus on long-term sustainability." – Thomas Rudel, CEO at Rutronik.


Key Highlights of the Anniversary Edition:

50 Years of Success: Over five decades, Rutronik has firmly established itself as an integral part of the electronics industry, achieving numerous milestones on its path to becoming the largest European distributor. Discover how the company continually evolves with an innovative product portfolio and top-notch expertise, shaping the electronics industry for the future.

Firsthand Insights: Rutronik's experts present over 20 exclusive articles spanning 84 pages, offering captivating insights into the world of electronics. Stay informed about the latest developments and innovations in thriving future markets such as Automation, Advanced Robotics, IIoT, Industrie 4.0, Future Mobility, and Energy. Learn about the applications that will significantly influence the world of electronics today and tomorrow.

"Rutronik Excellence" – What Drives Us and the Electronics Industry: In an era of technological upheaval and economic challenges, Thomas Rudel, CEO at Rutronik, illustrates how the company positions itself as a distributor and system provider. Explore how the principles of "Growth through Change" and regionalization contribute to continuing Rutronik's success story and actively shaping the future of the electronics market.

The anniversary edition of RUTRONIKER offers a unique reading experience for anyone navigating the dynamic world of electronics. Let yourself be inspired by the success story and well-founded expert opinions while gaining comprehensive insights into the future developments and trends of the electronics industry.