Rutronik ABU Board – Bi-Directional HV-Switch

First Innovative Bi-Directional HV-Switch

This reference design of a 800 V bi-directional eFuse combines the functions of a conventional fuse and a switch. State-of-the-art Silicon Carbide MOSFETs provide low conduction losses and low power dissipation allowing for passive cooling. Capacitive loads are pre-charged before the main switch turns on. The ultra fast switch-off capability protects electronic loads and other power semiconductors in the connected circuit.

This eFuse has been Designed to Safely Connect and Disconnect a High Voltage Power Source

 The innovative eFuse has been designed to safely connect and disconnect a high voltage power source (typically a high energy battery pack) to any type of vehicle load using SiC MOSFETs as the primary switches, which can operate up to 50 A continuously. If the current exceeds a pre-determined limit the load is quickly disconnected from the battery pack to protect both the battery pack and the user. The eFuse can also detect excessive load capacitance or a short circuit during power[1]up and immediately shutdown. 

Rutronik Solutions Level 3 – Advanced Design Level

Make Yourself Ready For the E-Future with our Smart Switch

This high voltage resettable eFuse has been developed in cooperation with Vishay for the safe operation of currents up to 50 A at a maximum voltage of 800 V using a variety of key components from our focus suppliers for the implementation. Various safety measures have been incorporated into the design to ensure that the user is always protected from the high voltage even during overvoltage or fault conditions, and that the power source is protected from either overcurrent or short circuit conditions. Furthermore, the eFuse can be easily controlled either with the buttons on the PCB or with the Vishay MessWEB external controller, which allows for access to even more features. The eFuse can also be integrated into a CAN bus-based system using the MessWEB with an additional chip set.

Standalone or bus operation with Infineon AURIX™ Lite Kit

SiC-MOSFETs, 1200 V

Adjustable overcurrent threshold

Fast massive overcurrent turn-off (~2.5 µs)

Optimized thermal design → Passive cooling


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