The latest edition of RUTRONIKER is dedicated to celebrating Rutronik's 50th anniversary. This commemorative issue is more than just a magazine – it is a unique journey through five decades of electronic innovation and forward-thinking developments. Gain firsthand insights into how Rutronik, a cornerstone of the electronics industry, has achieved milestones and established itself as the largest European distributor.

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Participate in our "Celebration Competition" – 50 years Rutronik and 40 years Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is the partner of this year's Rutronik Advent Calendar 2023 and is offering you the opportunity to win one of their development hardware. In addition we would like to congratulate our partner to 40 years being a global leader of ultra-low-power wireless technologies. Participate in our advent calendar and explore the world of Power Managment, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and Cellular IoT.

Participate and Win a Nordic nPM1300 EK!

Get to know the Nordic Evaluation Kit for the nPM1300 - a highly sophisticated Power Management IC (PMIC) with battery charging and unique system management features.

  • Seamless configuration through nPM PowerUP desktop software
  • Male pin headers for all pins on the nPM1300 PMIC, and battery connectors
  • Three LEDs and four pushbuttons

Sounds interesting? Then don't miss the unique chance to win a Nordic nPM1300 EK.
Register your company now until December 6th, 2023 to jump into the lottery pot!
Here you can find our participation conditions and declaration of consent.

We look forward to your participation!

Unfortunately, the Competition has now ended.
If you are still interested in the Nordic nPM1300 EK, please visit Nordics Page and take a look in our Shop.

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