Join us at PCIM Europe 2024: The Power Electronics Trade Fair

Rutronik welcomes you to PCIM Europe 2024, the premier event for power electronics and its applications. Building upon the success of our presence last year, we are thrilled to once again showcase our latest innovations and solutions at Booth 659 (Hall 7).

PCIM Europe is the leading international exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. Don't miss the opportunity to meet with industry leaders in Nuremberg from June, 11 to 13.

Discover our cutting-edge solutions

At Rutronik, we are committed to excellence by driving innovation in electronics. Our booth at PCIM Europe 2024 will feature an impressive portfolio of products and technologies designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

From discrete components to power management systems and modules - we have put together our comprehensive portfolio to support your projects and accelerate the success of your applications. The focus is on products from renowned suppliers and solutions relating to energy management, connectivity, smart metering, and alternative drive systems.

In the power segment, visitors can look forward to product highlights from our suppliers Bosch, ElmosInfineon, KRAH, Kyocera AVX, LittelfusePanjitRECOM, ROHM, ToshibaSamwha, YAGEO, DiodesNordic SemiconductorTDK Micronas, and Vishay.

  • June 11 - 13, 2024
    Exhibition Nuremberg
    Exhibition Center 1, 90471 Nuremberg

    659 (Hall 7)

    Opening hours
    Tue to Thu: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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  • Impressions from last year’s PCIM Europe

    Entire board family from Rutronik System Solutions

    At PCIM Europe, the experts from Rutronik System Solutions present their entire board family. The Base and Adapter Boards accelerate the pre-development phase for applications addressing challenges in fast-growing future markets. All components that are combined on the boards are available in Rutronik's product portfolio and thanks to the Arduino interface, the boards are easy to combine. Look forward to the new RAB3 adapter board for radar applications, which the experts will be presenting to the public for the first time.

    Engage with industry experts

    Connect with our team of experienced professionals and industry experts at PCIM Europe 2024. Whether you are seeking technical insights, product recommendations, or partnership opportunities, our colleagues will be on hand to provide personalized assistance and support.

    Rutronik Booth Highlights

    Servo Drive Reference Model for multi-channel motor control

    Discover the modular and versatile platform from Toshiba for multi-channel motor control. The Servo Drive Reference Model (RM) combines Toshiba's optimized motor control MCUs with Toshiba's low RDS(ON) Power MOSFETs providing high efficient control and drive solutions for brushless DC (BLDC) motors. The modular concept offers a high degree of flexibility for Field-Oriented Control (FOC) and closed-loop positioning of up to three BLDC servo motors by a single MCU resulting in reduced system cost. The reference model gives a quick start for developers to realize advanced servo motor systems. Inspiration for e more applications to realize based on the reference model: BLDC servo motor, inverter, driver, robots, cobot, scara, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), lawn mower, and 3D printer.

    Talk to our experts for more information on how to boost your servo motor systems and also regarding more products and technology news from Toshiba.

    Evaluation kit with Traveo™ T2G and various MOTIX™ motor drivers

    Get to know the FOC motor control solution with several Evaluation Kits from Infineon. The Automotive Multi Motor Evaluation Kit addresses modern automotive application challenges with sophisticated motor control solutions from Infineon. It is an ideal start into the world of Infineon's offering for motor control for applications where more than one motor is controlled. It can address 2x BLDC motors and up to 18 DC motors. The TLE5501 EVALKIT consists of an Infineon XMC1100 BootKit (microcontroller), the TLE5501 angle shield which can be plugged onto the BootKit and of a "magnetic knob" that can be mounted on top of the shield. It is used to realize a 360 degree angle measurement at the motor shaft.

    The TLE9879 EVALKIT offers complete evaluation of all functions and peripherals of the TLE9879QXA40 and allows direct connection to a BLDC motor via MOSFETS in B6-Bridge configuration, it includes: B6-Bridge for BLDC motor drive, UART and LIN for communication, direct access to all device I/Os and a J-Link debugger. The MOTIX MOTOR BENCH is a BLDC motor test bench for motor control evaluation by combining it with Infineon evaluation boards and reference designs. The MOTIX™ Motor Bench can be used with three phase evaluation boards from Infineon.

    Don't miss out to discover the motor bench demo from Infineon at the Rutronik booth. 

    MOSFETs and gate drivers for brushed and brushless motors

    The automotive qualified DDB078 board from Diodes is a discrete gate driver and suitable for brushless DC motors up to 20W. With the DDB094 board, the Diodes demonstration boards also include a 30V 7A dual2x2 mm packaged MOSFET, which is suitable for 12V 3-phase brushless DC motors up to 40W. With the DDB099 you benefit from Dual Power DI5060 5x6 mm MOSFETs, which support different target voltage and power levels.

    Are you interested in more in-depth information? There is more to discover at the Diodes counter at the Rutronik booth. Talk to our experts to identify the board that best fits your needs. 

    Discover latest power modules and specifically the RECOM R24 C2t25 Series

    The R24C2T25 series 2W isolated DC/DC converter is a versatile solution designed for isolated gate bias voltages, particularly for transistors such as IGBTs, Si and SiC MOSFETs, and Cascode GaNs. This compact converter features programmable asymmetrical output voltages, ensuring precise control and performance optimization for power electronics applications. Benefit from the power modules for driving forward your technologies, e.g. in Advanced Robotics, Automation, Energy & Power, Industry 4.0, (I)IoT, and Transportation. 

    There is more to discover at the RECOM Wall. Don't hesitate to discuss about your requirements with our experts. 

    First innovative HV Switch 800 VDC, 50 A, bi-directional

    This reference design of a 800 V bi-directional eFuse combines the functions of a conventional fuse and a switch. State-of-the-art Silicon Carbide MOSFETs provide low conduction losses and low power dissipation allowing for passive cooling. Capacitive loads are pre-charged before the main switch turns on. The ultra-fast switch-off capability protects electronic loads and other power semiconductors in the connected circuit.

    There is more to discover from Vishay and about the HV Switch at our booth at PCIM Europe. Don't hesitate to discuss about your requirements with our experts. 

    Supercaps as an excellent compromise between "electronic" or "dielectric" capacitors

    Capacitors or Double Layer Capacitors such as creamic, tantalum, film and aluminum electrolytic, and batteries provide a unique combination of characteristics, particularly very high pulse power and capacitance densities. Get to know the Kyocera AVX series for your applications in Energy & Power such as energy harvesting, pulse power, and power backup.

    Get to know more about Kyocera AVX and the super capacitor cells and small as well as big modules. Our experts will be at our booth to discuss what solution will fit best to your application.

    Fast stray-field robust motor position sensor family with analog output

    HAL 302x is a fast 2D angular position sensor family addressing the need for stray-field robust motor position sensing as well as the ISO 26262 compliant development. This new sensor family features differential or singleended sine and cosine analog outputs with integrated wire-break detection. The rotation angle of a magnet can be calculated by an external A/D converter and a microcontroller/ ECU. This new family has two members. Both members measure, based on Hall-effect technology, vertical magnetic-field components (BZ). Speciality of HAL 3021 is that the device offers a higher robustness against static and dynamic mechanical tolerances.

    Discover the TDK Micronas demo at our counter and get in touch with our experts.

    SiC 4G Half bridge board

    The HB2637L-EVK-301 is an evaluation board for industrial inverter and active front end (AFE) applications. Benefit from performing a switching test at lab environment. SiC 4G is ensuring lowest total loss compared to SuC3G and from IGBTs. The evaluation board is optimized for automatic board assembly in SMD process.

    There is more to discover about ROHM at our booth at PCIM Europe. Don't hesitate to discuss about your projects with our experts. 

    How to combine best-in-class components on development boards

    At the Rutronik System Solutions area of our Rutronik Booth, you will discover our Rutronik System Solutions' Base Boards and Adapter Boards. They combine components from different suppliers, such as from Infineon and Nisshinbon. New to their board family is the Adapter Board RAB3, which will be showcased publically at PCIM Europe for the very first time.

    IoT control applications have become a trend and with it the demand for sensing devices to collect information. For such applications, there is a strong demand for smaller and lower power radars. Benefit from a robust and stable technology (e.g. temperature changes, ambient noise) and realize detection also in poorly lit and dark environments. We are therefore thrilled to introduce the Adapter Board RAB3 to you.

    One centerpiece is the Nisshinbo 60GHz Smart Sensor Micro-Module. Radar sensing at 60 GHz is a non-contact and highly accurate measurement solution. Realize your application in distance measurement or people counting with the distance, angle, and state detection sensor using 60GHz band millimeter wave. With the Infineon XENSIV™ 60 GHz Radar Sensor, a discrete radar IC complements the latest radar technology provided with the RAB3 to work on your application. Thanks to its small form factor and low power consumption, this 60GHz radar sensor comes with one transmitting and three receiving antennas. You can realize array, horizontal, and vertical angular measurement based on the the L-shaped antenna. This enables advanced radar sensing.

    Benefit from developing applications for distance measurement and people detection with the use of our Rutronik System Solutions smartphone app with firmware examples. This allows you to just use one board to test the possibility of a discrete development or the use of a fully integrated module. 

    More to discover at our booth in Nuremberg. See you there!

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    Join us at PCIM Europe 2024 and experience the Rutronik difference firsthand. Discover why leading companies trust Rutronik as their preferred partner for all their power electronics needs. From unparalleled product quality to exceptional customer service, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

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    Mark your calendar and make plans to visit us at PCIM Europe 2024. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements leading up to the event. We look forward to seeing you in Nuremberg!

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