Bosch Sensortec BMM350: High-performance Magnetometer

The BMM350 is a very small, high-performance, and low-current 16-bit 3-axis magnetometer. The digital sensor is ideally suited for a wide range of consumer applications such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications, head orientation, indoor navigation, magnetic compass, high-end gaming, and dead reckoning, for example in robotics applications. The sensor is based on Bosch’s proprietary TMR technology. BMM350’s features are carefully tuned and perfectly match the demanding requirements of all applications.
The BMM350 magnetic sensor offers outstanding design flexibility, providing a single monolithic package solution. Customers can easily integrate this into a multitude of existing and upcoming devices such as smartphones, wearables, hearables, vehicles, drones, and GPS modules. Compared to the predecessor BMM150, the BMM350 impresses with an outstanding performance. This is reflected in 3 times better sensitivity and a 20 times smaller power consumption. It can be programmed to optimize functionality, performance, and power consumption in customer specific applications. The BMM350 allows measurements of the magnetic field in three perpendicular axes with a magnetic field range of typical ± 2000 μT (x, y, z-axis). The low current consumption (200 μA @ 100 Hz in low power preset) and low noise (± 190 nTrms for x, y axis and ± 450 nTrms for z axis) makes it suitable for a multitude of target applications.

BMM350 Benefits

  • High flexibility due to small size
  • Enabling new uses cases due to excellent performance
  • Sensing stability due to ability to overcome negative impacts from external magnetic fields

Target applications


Wearables & hearables


Smartphones and tablets





Use cases

Head orientation for 3D audio

Indoor navigation eg. step counting in combination with accelerometer

Reduced pixel latency in AR/VR applications

Positioning and speed detection of vehicles or industrial machines.

Technical features


Slim WLCSP package of 1.28x1.28x0.5mm³

RMS Noise

190nT (x,y) 450nT (z) at 100 Hz data rate


1.56 to 400 ODR


1.72 to 1.98 V

Average typical current consumption

200µA at 100 Hz data rate

Field Shock Recovery


Field Range




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