Infineon XENSIV™ Sensors Give Smart Devices Human-like Senses

Imagine a world where technology is unobtrusive and seamlessly integrated into people’s lives. In this world, there is no need to push buttons or issue commands in order to activate devices, because technology is capable of interpreting implicit intentions and context. At Infineon, this future is already becoming reality. Infineon develops sensor solutions that enable simple and effortless user interactions with all kinds of smart devices. Thanks to industry-leading technologies Infineon XENSIV™ sensors are exceptionally precise. They are the perfect fit for various customer applications including for consumer markets.

XENSIV™ Radar Sensors for Consumer & IoT Consumer Applications

Infineon’s 24 and 60 GHz radar sensors cover a wide range of applications. In contrast to other motion detection technologies like PIR, radar technology offers significant advantages such as smaller system sizes, greater accuracy, and more precise measurements of detected objects. 

Key Benefits:

  • Direction, proximity and speed detection
  • Hidden mounting capability
  • Maintains operation through harsh weather conditions (temperature, light, rain)
  • Motion tracking
  • Sensing through non-conductive materials
  • Target positioning
  • Adaptable to different application requirements
  • Precise positioning of multiple targets in a 3D space
  • Object classification


Smart Building and smart home (IoT)

Service robotics (Vacuum cleaner/lawnmower)

Lighting control

Industrial robotics (Manufacturing robotics)

Outdoor lighting

Air conditioners

Smart street lighting

Health (Vital sensing)





Infineon’s first Completely Autonomous 60GHz Radar Sensor MMIC for Motion Sensing

Distance2GoL – Infineon’s Low Power 24GHz Radar Solution for Range Detection and Human Tracking

Measure What Matters with the XENSIV™ PAS CO2 Sensor

High performance in a small size – disruptive CO2 sensor based on photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS). Use Infineon’s XENSIV™ PAS CO2 sensor to track the environment you are in – for improved health, productivity and overall well-being.


  • Exceptionally small form factor (14 x 13.8 x 7.5 mm3)
  • Accurate and robust performance at ppm level (±30 ppm ±3% of reading)
  • SMD package delivered in tape and reel
  • Advanced compensation and self-calibration algorithms
  • Various configuration options and interfaces


  • Space savings in customers’ end products
  • High-quality data and compliance with smart building standards
  • Cost-effective high-volume assembly and easy system integration
  • Plug & play for fast design-to-market
  • Customer flexibility thanks to variety of configuration options


  • Building automation: demand-controlled ventilation, air handler units, air exchanger
  • Home appliances: air purifiers, air conditioner
  • Smart home IoT devices: thermostat, speaker, baby monitors, personal assistants, indoor air quality monitor, smart lighting

XENSIV™ MEMS Microphones - Low Self-noise (SNR), Wide Dynamic Range, Low Distortions, High Acoustic Overload Point

IM69D130 is a high performance digital MEMS microphone making use of Infineon’s Dual Backplate MEMS technology to deliver 105dB dynamic range and high output linearity up to 130dBSPL. The application benefits are crystal clear audio signals, extended pick-up distance and sensitivity to both soft and loud signals - from whispered speech to rock concerts.

The Infineon Audiohub Nano enables the evaluation of Infineon digital PDM XENSIV™ MEMS microphones. 


  • 69 dB(A) signal-to-noise ratio
  • Below 1 percent distortions at 128 dBSPL (AOP - 130 dBSPL)
  • Digital (PDM) interface with 6 μs group delay at 1 kHz
  • Tight sensitivity (-36 ±1 dB) and phase (± 2 deg) tolerances
  • 28 Hz low frequency roll-off


  • High fidelity and far field audio recording
  • Matched, noise and distortion free audio signals for advanced audio signal processing
  • Ultra-low group delay for latency-critical applications
  • No analog components required


High-quality audio capturing: e.g. cameras, camcorders, conference systems

Active noise cancellation: headphones and earphones

Voice user interface: e.g. smart speaker, home automation, and IoT devices

Audio pattern detection: predictive maintenance, security or safety

Audio Hub Nano: Plug & Play Studio Quality Audio Recordings with XENSIV™ MEMS Microphones

XENSIV™ Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor for Mobile and Wearable Devices

Infineon’s digital barometric pressure sensor family is the best choice for mobile and wearable devices due to its small form factor, high precision, and low power consumption. Infineon’s Shield2Go boards offer a unique customer and evaluation experience – the boards are equipped with one DPS368 barometric pressure sensor and come with a ready to use Arduino library.

Summary of Features:

  • Package dimensions: 8-pin LGA, 2.0 x 2.5 x 1.1 mm3
  • Operation range:Pressure: 300–1200 hPa
    • Temperature: -40–85°C
    • Precision: ± 0.002 hPa (or ±0.02 m)
  • Rel. accuracy: ± 0.06 hPa (or ±0.5 m)
  • Abs. accuracy: ± 1 hPa (or ±8 m)
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5°C
  • Avg. current consumption: 1.7 µA (pressure measurement) @1Hz sampling rate, standby: 0.5 µA
  • Integrated FIFO
  • Interface: I2C and SPI (both with optional interrupt)


Smart watches & wearables (e.g. fitness tracking)

Home appliances (e.g. air flow control)

Smart phone (e.g. navigation)

Drones (e.g. flight stability)

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