CW04 - TDK Micronas HAR3927

01/24/2022 Product News

TDK Micronas HAR3927 fully redundant 2D/3D sensor

TDK Micronas new HAR3927 is a fully redundant 2D/3D sensor based on the hall effect principle and is suitable for on- and off axis- as well as Joystick applications.

The ISO26262 compliant HAR3927 provides full redundancy as it consists of two independent stacked dies in a very small eight-pin SOIC8 SMD package as well as it is a high-resolution position sensor for highly accurate position measurement. The HAR3727 provides a linear, ratiometric analog output signal with integrated wirebreak detection working with pull-up or pulldown resistors as well as a SAE J2716 compliant SENT output according to rev. 4.

Due to on-chip signal processing calculates one angle out of two magnetic-field components and converts this value into an output signal. This enables a set of potential applications for position detection, such as wide distance, angle, or through-shaft angular measurements.

TDK-Micronas offers an easy-to-use evaluation kit for engineering comprised of a LabView programming software and the TDK-MSP V1.x or a USB programming kit.


  • Operates from 4,5V to 5,5Vsupply voltage
  • Customer selectable anaolog or SENT output
  • SENT according to SAE J 2716 rev.4
  • ASIL-B ready (SEooC according to ISO 26262)
  • Configurable output slew rates
  • Programmable arbitary output characteristic with 17 variable or 33 equidistant distributed setpoint
  • Operation temperature -40C° to 150°C
  • Programming via the sensor output


  • Linear movement measurements in dual-clutch transmissions, engine stroke sensors, clutch pedal, as well as cylinder and valve position measurements
  • Rotary position measurement in gear selectors, rotary selectors with push function, rear-axis steering, electronic throttle control, accelerator pedal, etc.