Metaverse - Hardware for a world of data
04/24/2024 Know-How

The metaverse is poised to become the “next big thing”. However, high-performance hardware is needed to make virtual worlds happen. This also applies…

Infineon’s super solid-state solutions (S4) for smart power distribution
04/22/2024 Know-How

A century ago, the first electro-mechanical circuit breakers emerged. Today, the era calls for a transition to smart and intelligent solid-state…

Infineon Matter: Connecting different products, protocols, and ecosystems into a smarter home
04/18/2024 Know-How

As the number of smart home devices increases, the interoperability between the different products, ecosystems and protocols gets more complicated.…

TDK: Fast Rotary Position Hall-sensors with Stray-Field Immunity
04/15/2024 Know-How

The HAL 302x family from Micronas is designed to meet the demand for robust motor position sensing in environments with stray magnetic fields, while…

Rutronik System Solutions - The distributor as a development and research laboratory
04/10/2024 Know-How

While Rutronik is celebrating its 50th anniversary, Rutronik System Solutions is turning two. This relatively young segment allows the distributor to…

Microcontroller for high-end industrial equipment - Robotics and industrial drives require technical diversity, maximum processing power, and a high level of security
03/27/2024 Know-How

Industrial plants pose numerous development challenges. To overcome them, the right microcontroller is crucial in addition to extensive up-front…

Thermal management - Everything you need to know about fans
03/13/2024 Know-How

For the proper functioning and longevity of electronic systems, the maximum operating temperature of any component must not be permanently and/or…

Smart Home - Energy-efficient IoT with radar sensors
02/28/2024 Know-How

By combining radar technology and IoT sensors, the smart home not only becomes safer and more comfortable but also more energy efficient.

CO2 sensor monitors air quality in e-cars – Increasing the efficiency of air conditioning systems
02/14/2024 Know-How

How CO2 sensors in electric vehicles help maintain healthy air quality inside the vehicle while extending battery life and range.

View of the electronics market - “An oscillating system needs damping – and distribution can provide it”
01/31/2024 Know-How

High volatility, long delivery times, full storage facilities, the missing “golden screw” – electronics supply chains have been in the spotlight a lot…

Matter - the smart-home standard - New boost for smart home devices
01/17/2024 Know-How

Lack of communication capability and security are still holding back demand for smart home devices. But, thanks to the new Matter standard, that could…

ATP’s commitment: WE BUILD WITH YOU
01/15/2024 Know-How

Since 1991, ATP Electronics has been recognized as one of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of high performance, high…

Tiny Box PCs for semi-industrial and industrial applications from Kontron
01/08/2024 Know-How

Kontron’s durable SMARTCASE™ building blocks for semi-industrial and industrial applications offer everything for building tiny box PCs tailored…

30 years of partnership between Infineon and Rutronik
12/06/2023 Know-How

Rutronik and Infineon have been working closely together since 1993, a lot has happened in the following years of the partnership. 
At the beginning…

RECOM: Cutting-Edge AC/DC Power Supplies: Compact, Efficient, and Innovative
11/13/2023 Know-How

In a world striving to reduce its carbon footprint, electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility represent the future of transportation. To ensure the…

Automotive-qualified MEMS microphone - The car is all ears
11/08/2023 Know-How

Cars are learning to listen – not only in the passenger compartment but also in their external environment. Since acoustic signals from the vehicle…

Components for onboard chargers - What is actually needed to ensure efficient charging of electric vehicles?
10/25/2023 Know-How

Every all-electric vehicle has one and it often determines the charging time at the AC Wallbox: the onboard charger (OBC). High-performance components…

Infineon's latest Embedded Power IC MOTIX™ TLE989x
10/12/2023 Know-How

Efficiently managing heat is essential for maintaining the operation of electric cars, enhancing battery life, and ensuring passenger safety and…

Charging Port for Electric Vehicles – Why Charging is not Refueling 2.0
10/11/2023 Know-How

What’s so special about a charging port for electric vehicles compared to the fuel nozzle for conventional ones? Not much at first glance, and as such…

Nordic: Tech Tour EMEA 2023
10/04/2023 Know-How

The Nordic Tech Tour 2023 EMEA is targeting engineers who are just beginning their journey with Nordic Semiconductor. Join us at Nordic Tech Tour EMEA…