Day 2 - Stray-field Robust 3D HAL® Position Sensor Family

Best in class 3D HAL Sensor;  Stray Field Robust Position Detection 360 degrees and Stray-Field Robust Linear Position Detection – One device for various angular and linear measurements, up to 150° Celsius and highly flexible architecture to enable customers variants.

The new HAL39xy HAL Sensor is the solution for a wide range of applications measuring rotation or linear movements and position detection under difficult conditions, even with stray field impact. Thanks to AECQ100 and ISO26262 certification, it's ASIL B ready and can be used in many automotive and industrial applications. Micronas supports this family with Joystick development tools, samples, a programmer, simulator and production tools.  The full set of collaterals is available: Datasheet, Programming Environment, Programming Guide, User Manual, Functional Safety Report what helps to reduce time to market.

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