Day 16 - UV-LED: Air, Water, Surface Disinfection

Sterilization, horticulture and curing process by UV-LED: Best Fit for smart, Eco-friendly and intelligent systems. Rutronik-portfolio proposes UV-lens, driver, air fan, sensor (UV, VOC, PIR …), UV-Leds and UV-modules.

  • Due to their sterilizing effect against the corona virus, the demand for UV LEDs has increased tremendously. However, UV light can cover many more applications (e.g. odour elimination, disinfection of water, air and/or surfaces, curing, horticulture). The traditional lamps have many disadvantages such as finite on/off Switching . In addition,   Filters (Hepa, activated carbon, ceramic ...) are based on the storage effect (the pollutants are only retained, but not destroyed), need a maintenance and aren´t suitable for the online control.  
  • The Vishay, Osram, Lextar, Liteon, Stanley and Bolb Portfolio of mercury free UV Products will enhance and in some cases revolutionize the way applications are built in UV markets segments such as medical imaging of cells, drug detection, fire safety, conservation process, photosynthesis…) Since the use of UV LEDs produces almost no volatile hydrocarbons or hazardous air pollutants, they are also the first choice in ecological terms. UVA-LEDs are particularly suitable for coating metal containers due to their better corrosion protection. Also for drying and curing of plastic coatings, or of lacquer on wood, e.g. for floor coverings or wooden furniture and for curing systems of adhesives, as well as for drying in 3D/ink printers, this technology is convincing.
  • The Rutronik portfolio proposes UV-led components and modules, UV lens, LED-driver, air fan, control-sensor (UV, VOC, PIR …). We offer an evaluation board for customers, which detects odors by means of a VOC sensor and neutralizes them with UVA-LEDs plus photocatalyse filter on the one hand and on the other hand a board, which enables the disinfection of air, water and surfaces by means of UVC-lEDS.

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