Day 13 - Elmos SPI Stepper Motor Driver for Headlight Adjustment

With the E523.39 Elmos presents a highly precise stepper motor driver. It meets the highest demands regarding smooth running, EMC emissions and error detection.The target application is, among others, headlight adjustment.The target application is, among others, headlight adjustment.

Other applications include: Valves for heat management, HVAC flap control, cruise control or front grill adjustment. Especially in the field of thermal management for electric and hybrid vehicles, the demand for valves is increasing because the heat generated by the combustion engine, electric drive, battery and other electronic components must be effectively controlled. For such valves, the E523.39 is the optimal driver for the servomotor. Furthermore, the chip can also be used in industrial environments or for building automation.

With a supply voltage of 5V to 42V, the output stages of the E523.39 deliver a maximum current of either 400mA, 800mA or 1200mA. In each of the 3 modes the programmable motor current curves achieve a very precise current resolution of 8 bit.

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