Halogen Light Bulb Ban – New Push for the Smart Home
08/31/2018 Know-How

Beginning on September 1, 2018, no new D-class halogen light bulbs may be sold in the EU. Over the next two years, the ban will expand to include…

Tailor-made displays
08/30/2018 Know-How

Displays are becoming increasingly important as an interface between man and machine. Displays are constantly in use both to display personal…

Package with two transistors from Diotec
08/23/2018 Know-How

The MMBT7002DW contains two independent N-channel MOSFETs with fast switching times in a halogen-free SOT-363 package.

Alternative for SRAMs: New 8-Mbit-FRAM from Fujitsu
08/23/2018 Know-How

Fujitsu is launching the 8-Mbit-FRAM with the highest density up to date: the MB85R8M2T (Distribution: Rutronik) memory is an ideal solution to…

Rutronik Offers an Overview For Closing Bluetooth Attack Vectors
08/10/2018 Know-How

In mid-July, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group published instructions for eliminating security vulnerabilities in the “Secure Simple Pairing” and…