Available at Rutronik: The first solid-state accumulator in SMD-technology

01/09/2019 Know-How

CeraCharge™ from TDK Corporation is the world‘s first solid-state accumulator in compact SMD technology and available at www.Rutronik24.com. The accumulator is easy to assemble and to handle in reflow soldering processes, thus reducing the production costs of the terminal device. Depending on requirements, up to 1000 charging processes are possible.

In contrast to most of the common technologies, CeraCharge™ is a solid-state accumulator without liquid electrolytes. Similar to ceramic capacitors, it is based on multilayer technology and thus combines a relatively high energy density in the smallest space with process reliability in the production of multilayer components. The use of a ceramic solid also eliminates the risk of fire, explosion or leakage of electrolyte fluid.

Available in the compact case size EIA 1812 (4,5 x 3,2 x 1,1mm3), the accumulator offers a capacity of 100µAh at a nominal voltage of 1,4V. Short-term currents in the range of some mA can also be drawn. The large operating temperature range between -20°C and +80°C allows flexible application scenarios.

To increase capacitance and voltage, single CeraCharge™ chips can be connected parallel or in series, opening up a wide range of possible applications, especially in IoT, such as real time clocks, Bluetooth beacons, wearables and energy harvesting.

You will find more information on the CeraCharge™ on the e-commerce platform
www.Rutronik24.com (where you can also place orders directly):
<link www.rutronik24.com/product/tdk/b73180a+101m+62/11160170.html>www.rutronik24.com/product/tdk/b73180a</link&gt; +101m+62/11160170.html

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