Product News

CW07 - Infineon MOTIX
02/14/2022 Product News

High value motor control solutions for automotive applications: Infineon's MOTIX™ SBC Motor System IC TLE956X

02/07/2022 Product News

SECH High Performance Ultracapacitors

SECH with its high performance and ultra-low internal resistance Ultracapacitor designs is offering small…

CW05 - DVK-IMC-hall-shield
01/31/2022 Product News

Melexis released The DeVelopment Kit (DVK) DVK-IMC-Hall-Shield (rev1) and The DeVelopment Kit (DVK) DVK-Conventional-Hall (rev1)

Melexis released for…

CW04 - TDK Micronas HAR3927
01/24/2022 Product News

TDK Micronas HAR3927 fully redundant 2D/3D sensor

TDK Micronas new HAR3927 is a fully redundant 2D/3D sensor based on the hall effect principle and…

01/17/2022 Product News

New 5W low cost AC/DC Converters with 3W footprint

RECOM is releasing two new 5W, board-mount AC/DC converter modules with a choice of industry…