With over 200,000 Different Products your Specialist for Discrete and Integrated Semiconductors

Rutronik covers the entire spectrum of Semiconductors: from discrete to highly complex, from diodes to microcontrollers. Our field application engineers and product managers help you selecting components and implementing your projects.

In Direct Contact with Major Brands

As a distributor we are a link between manufacturer and customer. We work with leading manufacturers in the semiconductor industry on the basis of a franchise. We offer the entire portfolio with alternative product sources. Quality and innovation is our leading principle.

Memory Technologies

Non-Volatile and Volatile Memories
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Photonic Highlights V3.0.2

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Water Air and Surface Purification by UV-LEDs

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Rockchip RK3588 Microprocessor Highlights,V1.1(EN)

RK3588 Microprocessor – RK3588 Key Specifications– Reference Design – CameraSystemSolutions
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ALLIANCE Selection Guide 2023

ALLIANCE Selection Guide 2023 - Worldwide Leader in Legacy Memory DRAM Solutions, SRAM Solutions, NOR Flash Solutions, NAND Flash and eMMC Solutions, Pseudo SRAM Solutions
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MediaTek Genio Platform

The MediaTek Genio chipsets offer fast multicore performance with extreme power-efficiency, optimizing the user experience for even the most compute-intensive AI applications. IoT Development Platform: Unified open platform SDK for all chipsets; Develper Resources; Product Longevity.
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Nordic Semiconductors Technologies

Topics: Cellular IoT, Bluetooth, Modules, Range Extender, Power Management ICs, Development Tools, NRF Thread Topology Monitor, nRF Sniffer, Embedded Antennas, Sim Card Holders, Crystals, Support
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