Automotive High Capacitance MLCC

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO) offers a wide range of automotive MLCC for a variety of applications, including safety and infotainment. These MLCCs have exceptional electrical characteristics and ensure high reliability. Furthermore, through our soft termination technology, the parts were designed to absorb external physical stress and prevent short circuits.

SEMCO Metal-Epoxy Termination

All our automotive class 2 MLCC have an additional Metal-Epoxy Termination layer. This makes our products reliability outstanding.


The PN Series is AEC-Q200 qualified and represents our standard automotive lineup. Due to our Epoxy technology we can guarantee a bending limit up to 3mm in the AEC-Q200 Board Flex test. Comparable products can only guarantee 2mm!

Automotive MLCC Line up - PN series - 3mm Board Flex


Our PJ Series is AEC-Q200 qualified and also uses an additional metal epoxy layer. It can guarantee a bending limit up to 5mm in the AEC-Q200 Board Flex test.

Furthermore the series is qualified according to VW 80808-2 which enables our parts to be used in Fail-Safe applications like direct connection to terminal 30.

Automotive MLCC Line up - PJ series - 5mm Board Flex

SEMCO PN & PJ Series vs. Competitor’s General Automotive MLCC

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