100 V High Capacitance Value MLCC Suggestion for 48 V Power Systems

With the increase of power consumption of data centers, a resulting trend is the adoption of more 48 V power systems.

To support this growing demand of 48V power systems, Samsung Electro-Mechanics offers a 1210 i, 10 uF, 100 V, X7S MLCC which operates under higher temperature conditions.

In addition this MLCC is available for Industrial and robotics applications which are also using 48 V power systems.

The Rise of TDP (Thermal Design Power) in CPU, Memory, GPU

The expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven by big data, data center companies are in need more processing power, increasing their need for processors with a higher number of CPU cores. The resulting TDP of server CPU’s has increased more than 70% for the past 3 years and expects to reach 350~400 W in ‘22 for new server CPU. Additionally, memory module TDP is increasing with the faster speed offered by DDR5 and is also accelerating the consumption of power (See figure1).

In other applications like Machine Learning, the TDP within GPU and Tensor hardware accelerator processor is also increasing, reaching almost 400 W per processor.

Data center energy efficiency is not a currently a corporate problem, but a national issue. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is starting to distribute guidelines for improving data center energy efficiency.

According to the DOE, US based data centers consume 73 Billion kWh of electricity, ranked in the top 38 of 218 countries electricity consumption around the world. Equaling the total electricity consumed by countries such as Chile, Austria and Belgium.

The power required for the operation of servers in data center’s accounts for more than 50% of all their power consumption and is growing!

Expansion of 48 V Power Systems

Many data center companies are converting to 48 V systems, realizing good power conversion efficiency, reducing their high power problems, is rapidly starting to trend with others to replace their existing 12 V systems. From the server system designer’s point of view, as the input voltage changes from 12 V to 48 V, this requires 100 V high capacity MLCC to support.

Server System Heat Problem

Another issue plaguing the modern day server systems is the thermal issue. The number of CPU cores is rapidly increasing and accelerators, high-performance graphic cards are also added, so the heat problem is quickly expanding.

Starting with Ice Lake, the number of DIMM modules that can be supported per CPU has increased from 12 to 16.
As DDR5 now has its own onboard Voltage Regulator (VR) the heat inside the system is rapidly increasing.
The adoption of high-temperature characteristic MLCC’s will be required.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ 1210 i, 10 uF, 100 V, X7 S Solution (CL32Y106KCVZNWE)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, strategically targeting these customer problems has developed a 10 uF,  100 V, X7 S MLCC that supports a high temperature of up to 125℃ and guarantees better reliability than existing products for network equipment and corporate equipment such as  servers.

Available for AI Robotics and Network

Applications that require high power such as warehouse robotics using AI, may have four 12 V batteries connected in series and a 48 V system is adopted. 48 V power system are also used in network equipment, which makes it a good fit to use the high-reliability products from Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

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