Leading distributor of passive components.

As a broadline distributor, we have a very wide range of resistors, capacitors and inductors in various designs.

Reliable delivery of inductors, timing devices, resistors and capacitors

With over 25% supply share the "passives" are one of the pillars of our supply chain. Right here a smooth delivery is extremely important. Many part numbers and high delivery volumes are error-prone and a logistical challenge. Here we are characterized by specific logistics systems and IT connections.

Ceramic Cap SMD - Automotive (KKA)

automotive apps AEC-Q200 qualified

with or without softtermination

Ceramic Cap SMD - Commercial (KKK)

commercial apps <=250Vdc; <1,0µF

Ceramic Cap SMD - High Values (KKH)

commercial apps >=350Vdc; 250Vac; >=1,0µF

softtermination parts all values

Ceramic Cap - Specialties (KKS)

(e.g. Leaded, HiQ, Array, etc.)

Electric Double Layer Capacitors

Tantalum Capacitors

Buzzers, Speakers, Microphones

Crystals, Oscillators, RTC

Resonators, Filters, Sensors, Haptic

Document Downloads

Passive Components Guide

Rutronik provides a comprehensive product portfolio of innovative passive components with high quality and technical standards.
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Electric Double Layer Capacitors

The EDLC technology developed a long time ago is still pretty unknown and daily there are new applications for those products based on new requirements from the market.
Start Download (16 MB)

Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic Capacitors have the highest electrical performance. Based on the function, the parts are more and more specialised with increased requests for automotive AEC-Q200 specifications and rising RFQ of High Cap / Voltage.
Start Download (3 MB)

Passive Automotive Components

Capacitors, Resistors, Chokes & Ferrites, Sound Components and Timing Devices
Start Download (7 MB)

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