Tiny Box PCs for semi-industrial and industrial applications from Kontron

Kontron’s durable SMARTCASE™ building blocks for semi-industrial and industrial applications offer everything for building tiny box PCs tailored exactly to your needs. The SMARTCASE™ S501 with its modern black chassis, lots of connectivity and power inside at only 0.87 liters volume serves as a base. It can be equipped with a matching motherboard (K3921-N & K3921-H mSTX) and further accessories – all made in Germany.

The SMARTCASE™ S501 can be used in horizontal and vertical mode and is fully validated and certified. With a housing volume of only 0.87 liters and lots of connectivity and power inside, the S501 fits perfectly for digital signage-, KIOSK-, POS/POI applications and many others. The SMARTCASE™ S501 can be equipped with the high-performance industrial motherboard K3921-N with at least seven years availability or the cost-optimized version K3921-H which is available for at least 4 years. They support the latest Intel® Core™ i3 processors and N-series processors (Alder Lake N) and provide various interfaces like DisplayPort, eDP, LVDS, LAN, M.2, etc. despite the small size. A comprehensive set of best matched accessories, such as active and passive coolers, extension cards, adapters and many more, makes your tiny box PC complete.

Kontron emphasizes the highest quality and customer satisfaction and fully certifies and validates your system. In addition, a comprehensive feature and tool set as well as documentation is available for you.


  • Industrial Motherboard based on Intel® i3 Processors & Intel® Processors N-Series
  • Intel® UHD Gen12 Graphics - driven by Intel® Xe architecture (within SoC)
  • Up to 2x DisplayPort V1.4 and 1x DisplayPort over USB Type-C
  • Dual Channel LVDS (24 Bit) and eDP V1.4b (4 k) onboard
  • Designed for Fanless Operation


  • Extended Lifecycle Motherboard supporting the Intel® Processors N-Series
  • Intel® UHD Gen12 Graphics - driven by Intel® Xe architecture (within SoC)
  • Up to 2x DisplayPort V1.4 and 1x DisplayPort over USB Type-C
  • eDP V1.4b (4 k) onboard
  • PowerDelivery Sink mode via front USB Type-C


  • Suitable for Motherboards K3921-N & K3921-H
  • Ultra-Compact Design with only 0.87 liter (36 x 147 x 165 mm)
  • Front & rear USB
  • Horizontal or vertical operation
  • VESA- and wall mount option

Alternative solutions from Kontron

If more connectivity is required, we recommend the industrial mini-ITX motherboard K3931-N in combination with the matching SMARTCASE™ S730.

The successor of the well-known D3543-S mITX supports the new and power-saving Intel® Core™ i3 processors & Intel® Processors N-series (Alder Lake N). The K3931-N mITX comes up with extensive features on a small form factor, such as DDR5 memory support, Intel® 2.5 GbE LAN and 4x COM – also with KIOSK relevant functions like ccTalk. Due to its high graphics performance and the support of up to three independent displays, it is particularly well suited for use in casino, KIOSK, POS/POI and digital signage applications.

More motherboards from Kontron

Kontron offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality, long-term available and competitive motherboards - designed and made in Germany. The comprehensive line-up, from compact Mini-STX up to full-sized ATX form factor fulfills most different requirements for various applications from diverse vertical markets like Industrial Automation, POS/POI, KIOSK, Digital Signage, Medical, Casino Gaming, Video Surveillance or Transportation.

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