With Intel® Joule™, IoT and embedded developers as well as entrepreneurs are able to take their ideas from concept to prototype and ready for production in less time and for lower development and certification cost.

The Intel® Joule™ module features high-end computing, graphics and large memory in a tiny, low-power package, making it an ideal platform for innovative IoT edge computing applications and products requiring advanced computer vision.

The Intel® Joule™ platform is supported by a vast software and hardware ecosystem, enabling developers to choose from multiple operating systems and take advantage of off-the-shelf libraries and peripherals to further accelerate development.

The Intel® Joule™ 550x, (1.5GHz quad Core Atom, 3GB RAM & 8GB eMMC Flash) the entry level platform is ideally suited for applications requiring computer vision or real-time IoT edge analytics. The 550x offers high performance in a tiny, low-power package with a wide range of high-speed I/O and runs on Ubuntu, Windows 10 IoT Core, or a Yocto-built Linux.

The premium model, Intel® Joule™ 570x, (1.7GHz Quad Core Atom, 4GB RAM & 16GB eMMC Flash) retains the same tiny size, low-power profile, and fast I/O, and provides a significant boost in CPU and GPU performance and memory. The 570x is capable of multiple simultaneous workloads useful for autonomous robotics, drones, and augmented reality, such as object recognition, 3D SLAM, natural language processing, and deep learning.

The Joule system-on-module mini-computer features RealSense® camera support and runs Ubuntu Linux Core. Best of all, its specs are very impressive for what it is.

Intel® Joule™ Compute Modules

Intel® Joule™ modules are suitable for volume production as well as prototyping.
Intel guarantees a long-term hardware availability and reliability.

through at least Aug 2021* (5 years)

* 4 years availability guaranteed;5 years with committed forecast

10 years minimum @ 80% AF 

(Turbo disabled)

5 years minimum @ 30% AF
(Turbo enabled)

through at least Aug 2023 (7 years)

0-70° C

All future Intel® Joule™ 500 series modules will be pin compatible, form-factor compatible, and support the same operating systems and BSP

The Devkit

The Intel® Joule™ developers kit provides the tools a developer needs to get started developing on the Intel® Joule™ platform

  • Joule™ compute module (570x or 550x)
  • Expansion  board  for Intel
  • Two  Wi-Fi antennas
  • USB cable (C-to-C)
  • Heatsink and fastening hardware
  • SD card with pre-loaded software


  • Intel's newest and highest-performing compute module
  • Entire system on tiny module (SoM), pre-certified in >80 countries
  • Concept to prototype to production: faster and at lower development expense
  • Ecosystem of off-the-shelf libraries and peripherals
  • Ideal for applications that push performance to the edge:machine vision, autonomous robots, speech and vision, edge analytics

Intel® Joule™ Modules

Suitable for Volume Production as Well as Prototyping

  • Sold in bulk packs (30 units) and single units.
  • Developer kits also available


  • Faster Time-to-market
  • Lower costs
  • High-end computing and large memory in a small form factor 
  • capable of delivering human-like senses to a new generation of robots, drones, and IoT devices  and systems 
  • Seamless transition from prototype to scale
  • Prototype and get to market rapidly with the Intel® Joule™ module.  Scale to high-volume via seamless transition to Intel® Atom™ (Broxton*) and full software compatibility and Intel engineering support
  • Vast hardware and software ecosystem
  • which means you can choose from multiple operating systems and take advantage of off-the-shelf libraries and peripherals for immediate  productivity

The Size

(24mm x 48mm)