Seamless Motor Control Offerings Powered by Infineon

The number of electrical motors in cars is growing steadily. Nowadays on average there are about 30 motors distributed in an automobile. This number rises to about 70 motors in premium cars.

This development is being caused by various factors. Over a long period mechanical solutions were state of the art for oil pumps, water pumps, fuel pumps and hydraulic pumps. Since CO2 reduction has become a very high priority in the field of transportation these mechanical pumps were gradually replaced by smart electrically controlled motors.

Instead of continuously using energy with a combustion engine the electric motors can be switched and speed controlled on demand. Another impulse to increase the number of electrical motors in cars is comfort and premium equipment which is now increasingly requested in mid-range cars.

Last but not least advanced safety features such as crash avoidance, driving assistants and autonomous driving in the future also drive the electrical motor market forward. This growing number of functionalities in cars require reliable, cost effective, smaller and flexible semiconductor solutions for Motor Control.

Infineon provides such semiconductor solutions and steadily extends the portfolio of semiconductors needed for smart and modern Motor Control, such as MOSFETs, Bridge Drivers, Integrated Bridges, Smart Power Controllers, Microcontrollers, Sensors and Power Supplies.

Infineon Automotive Motor Control Solutions Overview

Main Criteria influencing the Motor Control Architecture:

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