Infineon's PSoC™ 62 Forms the Basis for Rutronik's New RDK2

“Infineon welcomes the decision on the part of Rutronik to use the powerful PSoC™ 62 microcontroller as the core of their newly developed RutDevKit. With the PSoC™ 6 microcontroller family, Infineon offers the market a platform for IoT (Internet of Things) applications that enables connectivity, increased computing power and security at low power consumption and cost. To this end, we continue to rely on the service and customer reach of Rutronik, whose RDK2 can provide customers with a distinct advantage in development.”

Susanne Horn, Vice President Distribution Management EMEA, Infineon


Rutronik Chooses the Infineon PSoC™ 6 MCU for the RDK2

The PSoC™ 6 family is built on an ultra-low-power architecture, and the MCUs feature low-power design techniques to extend battery life up to a full week for battery powered applications.

The dual-core Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M0+ architecture lets designers optimize for power and performance simultaneously. Using its dual cores combined with configurable memory and peripheral protection units, the PSoC™ 6 MCU delivers the highest level of protection defined by the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) from Arm.

Designers can use the MCU's rich analog and digital peripherals to create custom analog front-ends (AFEs) or digital interfaces for innovative system components such as MEMS sensors, electronic-ink displays. The PSoC™ 6 MCU features the latest generation of industry-leading

CAPSENSE™ capacitive-sensing technology, enabling modern touch and gesture-based interfaces that are robust and reliable. PSoC™ 6 MCU, paired with Infineon’s AIROC™ Wi-Fi, AIROC™ Bluetooth, or AIROC™ combos radio modules, is the perfect solution for secure, low-power, feature-rich IoT products.

Infineon Products on RDK2

Focus Design Products

General Description:

PSoC™ 6 MCU is a high-performance, ultra-low-power and secured MCU platform, purpose-built for IoT applications. Based on the PSoC™ 6 MCU platform, this product line is a combination of a dual CPU microcontroller with low-power flash technology, digital programmable logic, high-performance analog-to-digital conversion and standard communication and timing peripherals.


  • 32-bit Dual CPU Subsystem
    • 150MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F (CM4) CPU with single-cycle multiply, floating point, and memory protection unit (MPU)
    • 100MHz Cortex-M0+ (CM0+) CPU with single-cycle multiply and MPU
    • User-selectable core logic operation at either 1.1V or 0.9V
    • Active CPU current slope with 1.1V core operation
      • Cortex-M4: 40µA/MHz
      • Cortex-M0+: 20µA/MHz
    • Active CPU current slope with 0.9V core operation
      • Cortex-M4: 40µA/MHz
      • Cortex-M0+: 20µA/MHz
    • Three DMA controllers

General Description:

EZ-PD™ BCR is Infineon's highly-integrated pre-programmed USB Type-C port controller targeting electronic devices that have legacy barrel connectors (up to 100W) or USB micro-B connectors for power such as drones, smart speakers, power tools, and other rechargeable devices. EZ-PD™  BCR complies with the latest USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery (PD) standards and enables users to quickly convert their devices from being powered through a barrel connector to being powered via the USB-C connector with few external components and no firmware development is required. EZ-PD™ BCR integrates a complete USB Type-C transceiver, USB PD policy manager, a load switch controller with a soft start, all termination resistors required for a USB Type-C port, and system-level ESD protection. It is available in a 24-pin QFN package.


  • USB Type-C and USB-PD Support
  • Supports USB PD3.0 Revision 2.0 Version 1.3
  • Configurable resistor RD
  • Supports one USB Type-C port

General Description:

The SEMPER™ NOR Flash Memory Family is Infineon's newest high-performance, safe, and reliable NOR Flash memory solution that integrates critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems. With SEMPER™ Flash, Infineon introduces the industry's first ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D ready NOR Flash Memory. Infineon also introduces it's new EnduraFlex™ Architecture, which enables superior endurance of 1+ million program/erase cycles and data retention of 25 years at extreme temperatures (-40°C to +125°C).


  • Safety Features
  • Protection Features
  • AutoBoot enables immediate access to the memory array following power-on
  • Hardware Reset through CS# Signaling method (JEDEC) / individual RESET# pin / DQ3_RESET# pin

General Description:

PSoC™ 5LP is a true programmable embedded system-on-chip, integrating configurable analog and digital peripherals, memory, and a microcontroller on a single chip. The PSoC™ 5LP architecture boosts performance through:

  • 32bit Arm® Cortex®M3 core plus DMA controller and digital filter processor, at up to 80MHz
  • Ultra low power with industry's widest voltage range
  • Programmable digital and analog peripherals enable custom functions
  • Flexible routing of any analog or digital peripheral function to any pin

PSoC™ devices employ a highly configurable system-on-chip architecture for embedded control design. They integrate configurable analog and digital circuits, controlled by an on-chip microcontroller. A single PSoC™ device can integrate as many as 100 digital and analog peripheral functions, reducing design time, board space, power consumption, and system cost while improving system quality.

General Description:

The TLE9251VLE is the latest Infineon High Speed CAN transceiver generation, used inside HS CAN networks for automotive and also for industrial applications.


  • Fully compliant to ISO11898-2 (2016)
  • Guaranteed loop delay symmetry to support CAN FD data frames up to 5MBit/s
  • Very low electromagnetic emission (EME) allows the use without additional common mode choke
  • VIO input for voltage adaption to the microcontroller interface (3.3V or 5V)
  • Bus wake-up Pattern (WUP) function with optimized filter time for worldwide OEM usage
  • Stand-by mode with minimized quiescent current
  • Transmitter supply V cc can be turned off in Stand-by mode for additional quiescent current savings
  • Tiny, leadless PG-TSON8 package ready for automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Excellent ESD robustness
  • Extended supply range on the V CC and V IO supply
  • TxD time-out function
  • Wide common mode range for electromagnetic immunity (EMI)
  • Very low CAN bus leakage current in power-down state

General Description:

-30V Dual P-Channel StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFET in a PQFN 2x2 package

The StrongIRFET™ power MOSFET family is optimized for low RDS(on) and high current capability. The devices are ideal for low frequency applications requiring performance and ruggedness. The comprehensive portfolio addresses a broad range of applications including DC motors, battery management systems, inverters, and DC-DC converters.


  • Product qualification according to JEDEC standard
  • Industry standard surface-mount power package
  • Low RDS(on) in a small package

Rutronik System Solutions

Rutronik Development Kit - Infineon - PSoC™ 62



Advanced Design Level

Rutronik Development Kit based on Infineon PSoC™ 62 – Easy approach for firm- and hardware designers.


From Single Product to Solution from Basic Level to Research Level

Rutronik System Solutions combine the best products based on their features and performance aiming at creating innovative and best-in-class solutions. Thus, we decisively shorten the time-to-market in dynamic industrial environments. Customers gain the necessary decision-making freedom in the research and pre-development phase and a time advantage over competitors.

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