Power PROFET™ High-Side Switches

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Infineon's Power PROFET™ protected high-side switches supports the trend towards decentralized, intelligent and cost effective vehicle power distribution architectures. Power PROFET™ is a benchmark family of ultra-low ohmic protected high-side switches (1.0mΩ to 2.5mΩ) with integrated protection functions and diagnostics for automotive and 12V industrial markets. The devices are especially designed to drive high current loads of 20 to 40A DC and to replace high current relays and fuses in a wide range of high energy applications (e.g. module main switches and trailer node supply) and heating (e.g. PTC heaters and rear defoggers).


Today, the Power PROFET family consists of four pin-compatible switches controlling currents from 20A to 40A DC. They share the same feature set. Only their on-state resistance RDS(ON) scales with 1.0mΩ, 1.5mΩ, 2.0mΩ, or 2.5mΩ for each device.

For the easy Evaluation of the Power PROFET™ Infineon offers two shields for Arduino:

Key Features

Ultra-low ohmic smart high-side power switch family with 1.0mΩ/1.5mΩ/2.0mΩ/2.5mΩ devices offers 100% pin compatibility 

  • High current capability with up to 25/29/33/40A DC (INOM) and up to 150A inrush current
  • Benchmark energy handling capability:

EAS = 3000mJ @ 40A / EAR = 460mJ @ 40A
BTS50015- 1TAD:
EAS = 3000mJ @ 33A / EAR = 550mJ @ 33A
EAS = 1750mJ @ 29A / EAR = 250mJ @ 29A
EAS = 1050mJ @ 25A / EAR = 120mJ @ 25A

  • Outstanding protection performance of more than 1,000,000 short circuit cycles (Grade A according to AEC-Q100)
  • Current sense with ±8% Dkilis variation after calibration and fault digital feedback
  • Integrated protection functions and diagnostics
  • Operating voltage range from 8V to 18V
  • 3.3V to VS compatible logic input.
  • Very low leakage current at OUT pin.
  • Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD)
  • Optimized electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • AEC qualified

Key Benefits

Reduce number of components at system level (relay driver, socket, fuses, connectors, free-wheeling diode), significantly decreasing the module size and cost.

  • Enable new mounting locations to address the next generation of (decentralized) power distribution architectures, simplifying the wire harness.
  • Reduce power losses by up to a factor of 7 compared to relay.
  • Increased reliability and lifetime cycle. Resettable device immune to dust, shock and vibrations with no maintenance required.
  • Power management through integrated current sensing and pulse width modulation (PWM) up to 100Hz.

Key Applications

Replacement of electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits in power distribution and junction boxes.

  • Drive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads such as heating resistors, filter capacitors, motor, valves and pumps.
  • High current applications such as ECU power feeds, auxiliary power outlets, PTC heaters and rear window heaters.
  • Systems with high switching cycles and high energy requirements such as "start-stop" and electric brake vacuum pumps.
  • General purpose for power distribution and heating applications in the harsh automotive environment such as HVAC blower, glow plug control unit and trailer node.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar to get deeper Technical Insights and learn more about:


  • The comparison between electromechanical and semiconductor solutions
  • The challenges of high-current applications
  • The new Infineon high-side switch family with benchmark RDS(on) down to 1.0m Ohm
  • The cost effectiveness of semiconductors at device and system level