Infineon NOR Flash Solutions

When Failure is not an Option, Depend on Infineon NOR Flash Memory, the Most Reliable Solutions for Industrial, Automotive and Communications Applications.

It's a fact. We rely more and more on electronics to handle everyday critical tasks. Factory automation systems manage equipment and operations to improve efficiency and productivity. Autonomous vehicles anticipate danger sooner and react faster than humans. And state-of-the art communications connect these applications to each other and the cloud. In this environment, you must design not only for reliability and performance, but also for worker and passenger safety.

Infineon NOR Flash memories provide the utmost in safety and reliability, but it doesn't end there. A broad set of pre-certified chipsets and Solution Development Kits (SDKs) speed up the design process, and once you reach production, our longevity program ensures long-term supply so you don't have to worry about disruptions to your business.

High Reliability

Infineon SEMPER™ NOR Flash is architected and designed for functional safety, meeting ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards. It is ASIL B compliant and ASIL D ready for automotive applications, and SIL 2 ready for industrial environments. SEMPER NOR Flash also features endurance flex architecture, for up to 1 million P/E cycles and 25 years data retention.

Longevity Program

With 35+ years delivering NOR Flash solutions, Infineon is here for the long term. The company provides long-term supply, and alleviates your worry about surprise redesigns in the future.


Infineon collaborates with chipset vendors and ecosystem partners to qualify their memories, reducing design risk and getting you to market quicker. Infineon further accelerates your development with kits, tools, reference designs, sample codes, and robust technical support.

Best-in-Class Performance

Ultimate performance and ultra-low-power solutions meet your application needs, with products that deliver enough bandwidth for instant-on displays as well as execute-in-place workloads.

Broadest Portfolio

With the industry's widest selection of NOR Flash memories, you can select the product that's just right for your design. From parallel to serial, from SPI to Octal and HYBERBUS™, from 8Mb to 4Gb, Infineon has the solution for you


  • Factory Automation (PLC, Motor Control & Ind Drive, Industrial HMI)
  • Industrial Robots and Drones
  • Building Automation (Smart Thermostat)
  • Smart Metering and Gateways
  • Solar Inverter
  • Medical Equipment
  • EV Chargers
  • Aftermarket Sensors and Gateways
  • Vehicle ECUs
  • Routers and Switches
  • Communications Infrastructure

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