Infineon’s Motor Control Solutions for Pumps & Fans

Smart Microelectronics from Infineon Help Meet Thermal Management Challenges and Increase the Efficiency of Cooling and HVAC Systems

Modern vehicles increasingly rely on microelectronic components. This applies in particular to powertrain applications like electric pumps, including fueloil and water pumps, and fans such as HVAC blowersengine cooling and battery cooling fans.

Due to their proximity to the engine, motor control solutions for automotive pumps and fans must be extremely robust and able to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, car manufacturers are challenged to accommodate a rising number of auxiliary pumps in a limited space.



Enhanced motor control efficiency is one of the key success factors in pump design. Infineon's cost- and system-optimized solutions, boasting a high level of integration, are all geared towards maximizing efficiency, especially those designed for BLDC motor control.

Auxiliary pumps and fans, such as water and oil pumps as well as engine and battery cooling fans, are exposed to high temperatures. Further design challenges for these applications include the need to increase electrical efficiency, minimize acoustic noise and overcome space constraints. Infineon's highly integrated Embedded Power ICs master these challenges with ease.

fuel pump runs continuously and is often positioned below the rear seat, where it has limited cooling capabilities. So ECU cooling presents its own design challenges. Infineon's cost- and system-optimized NovalithIC™ solutions are the perfect fit for fuel pumps due to their high level of reliability.

Engine/Battery Cooling Fans

The engine/battery cooling fan is one of the main thermal management components in the engine compartment. Powerful cooling fans are key to meeting rising demand for greater fuel efficiency and longer ranges for electric vehicles. One way of extending range, for example, is by maintaining a stable thermal environment around batteries.

Find the best fit for your design requirements

Infineon is a one-stop shop for automotive motor control solutions, offering the market's broadest portfolio of motor control Ics spanning different design architectures. The Infineon offering includes a comprehensive ecosystem to support evaluation and prototyping.

Product Recommendations

Embedded Power ICs, System-on-Chip

Infineon's 32-bit Embedded Power ICs based on Arm® Cortex®-M are specially designed for space-constrained automotive motor control applications. Grade-0 qualified variants withstand junction temperatures of up to 175°C. Furthermore, they ensure high levels of system reliability.

  • TLE9867QXW20
  • TLE9877QXW40
  • TLE9879QXA40
  • TLE9879QXW40

Motor System ICs: Coming soon!

Infineon's Motor System IC family is the world's first IC to combine DC and BLDC motor control with functionalities such as power supply, CAN FD and LIN. It offers PCB savings of up to 50 percent while optimizing the EMC and switching losses of pump and fan designs. Please contact your Rutronik sales representative to learn more and get samples.

NovalithIC™ Integrated Half-Bridges

Infineon's NovalithIC™ devices come with a raft of protection and diagnostic features, making these integrated high-current ICs ideal for fuel pumps. In addition, they support high levels of functional safety due to half-bridge partitioning, while also helping to optimize the power spread and cooling in fuel pump applications.

  • BTN8982TA
  • BTN8962TA


Infineon's cutting-edge OptiMOS™6 family of 40 V devices sets a new technology standard in the field of discrete power MOSFETs. Compared with alternative products, it offers significant performance benefits, the highest system efficiency and increased power density thanks to Infineon's leading thin-wafer technology. They can be used in a package to reach high product performance and quality, and are compatible with our family of Embedded Power ICs.

  • IAUA250N04S6N007
  • IAUC120N04S6L008
  • IAUC120N04S6N013
  • IAUC100N04S6N028
  • IAUC60N04S6N044


Infineon's extensive lineup of XENSIV™ sensors - extending from TMR-based angle sensors to Hall- and GMR-based magnetic speed sensors - are the perfect addition to your motor control solution. The majority of XENSIV™ sensors feature additional benefits such as integrated capacitors (C types) for high EMC robustness and the highest levels of ESD protection.

  • XENSIV™ Hall sensor --> TLE4963-2M
  • XENSIV™ Hall sensor --> TLE4961-1M
  • XENSIV™ TMR sensor -->TLE5501 E0001

Complete Your Design

AURIX™ Microcontrollers


  • TLE9250VSJ

System Basis Chips

  • TLE9262-3BQX
  • TLE9461-3ES
  • TLE9471-3ES V33

OPTIREG™ Linear Voltage Regulators

  •  TLS820F0ELV50
  •  TLS850F0TAV50

Engine Cooling Fan - Get Started with Infineon’s Ready-to-use Reference Design

On the one hand, carmakers are looking for solutions to increase fuel efficiency and further reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in line with evolving regulations. On the other, demand is rising for high-performance vehicles offering clean, safe and smart driving experiences. This places the spotlight on thermal management systems as lightweight, high-power engine cooling fans play a key role in engine efficiency overall. Given their proximity to the engine, motor control solutions for cooling fans must also be extremely robust and able to withstand high temperatures. Last but not least, smooth operation is a must as noise, vibration and harshness have a big impact on driving comfort.

New reference design

Infineon's brand-new reference design for engine cooling fans in thermal management systems uses a 32-bit Embedded Power IC based on Arm® Cortex®-M3. This System-on-Chip (SoC) for motor control is complemented by new OptiMOS™-6 40V MOSFETs in the sTOLL package, providing an ultra-small footprint without sacrificing thermal performance.

This reference design is an automotive 3-phase motor drive powered directly by a 12V vehicle battery. It is capable of driving motors up to 1kW.

Accelerate your engine cooling fan design flow and reduce time-to-market with Infineon's comprehensive support material including layout and schematic files (Altium), EMC tests, thermal analysis and detailed documentation.

Key Features:

  • Up to 1kW power capability for 12V automotive cooling fan applications
  • Optimized BOM and footprint with
    • Embedded Power IC TLE9879, System-on-Chip (SoC) for motor control
    • OptiMOS™-6 40V MOSFETs (IAUA250N04S6N007) in tiny sTOLL package
  • Optimized thermal behavior
  • EMC tests according to CISPR 25 class 3
  • Extensive documentation including layout files, schematics, getting started guide, hardware design guideline, EMC report, thermal analysis and example software

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Minimal BOM and reduced PCB size
  • State-of-the-art components designed for long service life

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