OMRON Adds High Current Relay for Home Appliance and Industrial Applications

OMRON has extended its popular G2RL power relay family with a new extra high capacity 23A model, for switching the heaviest current loads in home appliance, industrial and HVAC applications.

The new OMRON G2RL-1A-E2-CV-HA features a low profile of just 16.7mm and is rated for operating temperatures up to 105°C. The 23A switching capacity of this model is significantly higher - previously the maximum capacity was 16A. Features of the new relay include reinforced coil-contact insulation able to withstand a 10 kV Impulse voltage. The relay conforms to EN60335-1 for the Safety of Household appliances and has a Class F (UL1446) coil insulation system. The relays also conform to TUV(EN 61810-1) and UL 508/CSA C22.2 and CQC(GB21711.1) standards. Clearance and creepage distances are at least 8mm. The new relay is available in SPST-NO form.

OMRON's G2RL PCB relay family is the ideal low profile, high capacity switching solution for ovens, washing machines, boilers and HVAC equipment. The family offers a wide variety of 15.7mm high single pole, double pole relays with switching capacities of 8-16A, including a high sensitivity type with a coil sensitivity of 250mW. The relays conform to VDE (EN 61810-1/EN 60255-23) and UL 508/CSA C22.2 standards and CQC(GB21711.1) and meet VDE0700 regulations for safety of household and similar electrical appliances.


New G5RL-El PCB Latching Power Relay

The OMRON G5RL-EL is a low-profile latching PCB power relay specialized for high inrush performance. This model provides a 16A switching capacity and can withstand a 10kV impulse voltage, while its operating temperature is from -40°C to 85°C. It has a creepage distance of 8mm and conforms to IEC60335-1 and IEC60669-2-1 safety standards. The G5RL-EL is an excellent solution for switching control in building lighting systems, smart plugs as well as factory automation equipment.


  • 16 A switching capacity
  • 10 kV impulse withstand voltage
  • 8 mm creepage distance between coil and contacts
  • Operating temperature between -40°C and 85°C
  • Compact size of 12.7x29.0x15.7 mm


  • Lighting systems
  • Factory Automation
  • Smart home


OMRON releases new small size PCB Power Relay boasting High Switching Capacity of 36 A

OMRON recently introducted a new miniature, high switching capacity PCB Power Relay. The G6QE has been developed for a high switching capacity of 36A in a small size package.

The new miniature and low height single-pole power relay achieved 10-kV impulse withstand voltage and a reduced power consumption of 12% compared to rated coil consumption. The G6QE has been designed to conform with cULus, EN and CQC standards.

The new G6QE PCB Power Relay will allow customers to design smaller size and higher performance in their applications with a high switching capacity of 36 A and some 50,000 operations. It will provide an energy saving by operating by allowing the holding voltage method, which also lowers heat generation in the application.

At a size of just 30.5 x 16 x 20.5 mm the G6QE Power Relay is not only miniature but also is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications including industrial, home appliances, building automations and commercial applications such as power supply and inverters.


New OMRON terminal blocks improve assembly efficiency

OMRON has launched a new range of Push-In Terminal Block PCB Connectors to significantly improve the efficiency of connector insertion and removal and cable wiring during assembly. These products will be invaluable to factory automation applications, such as robot controllers, AC servo drivers and CNC machines.

The new OMRON XW4M and XW4N have a very low board profile, reducing the space required for the components in designs. The connectors achieve a very low insertion and extraction force while retaining high quality contact reliability. They are available as a double-row or single-row socket or plug.

The XW4M and XW4N connectors are designed with simplicity of assembly in mind to eliminate human error. The products' wiring efficiency is improved with a "hands-free" mechanism that keeps a screwdriver inserted, saving time and reducing risk of errors, as does the clear embossed pin-numbering on the packaging. A safe locking mechanism decreases the possibility of accidental release of wires.