KIOXIA Europe GmbH (formerly Toshiba Memory Europe GmbH) is the European based subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of flash memory and solid-state drives (SSDs). In 1984 Toshiba invented the so called “Flash Memory”, a new type of storage for semiconductors. In 1987, the NAND Flash Memory was developed that is very important for electronic equipment. From the invention of the first Flash Memory to its today’s breakthrough BiCS FLASHTM 3D flash memory, KIOXIA delivers innovative memory technology and solutions.

In the broad area of industrial automation, the demand for high speed and large density storage solutions is continuously growing. For embedded flash memory storage concepts, KIOXA is offering a wide range of different products. Both raw Flash and managed memory are available, suitable for all kind of applications.


The new 5G mobile Network Infrastructure offering high speed data connection to many different devices, will demand for even larger number of storage solutions. Starting with the data center, where SSDs are dominant, all other parts for the communication chain like edge clouds, router, macro and small cell base stations up to the end point like mobile phones, smart home, smart factories, cars, etc. will require significantly more data storage in the upcoming future. Here the broad flash memory portfolio from KIOXIA fits to all areas of this market.

KIOXIA Work Automation

To automatize the working processes in factories or other production oriented field is continuously evolving, to be more efficient, avoid hums to do dangerous or unpleasant work, to get more control on the automation process and many more reasons. The demand for more intelligent parts of the automation process is required, for example the sensors, actors, gateways, security and control systems needs more and more computing power to share date in the network of the automation system. This leads to a higher number of data transfer and storage, which needs to be fast and efficiently handled. Here is the highly reliable and fast embedded flash memory family from KIOXIA the optimal solution. Small data storage in sensors by using rawSLC or even larger gateways or data collector using high density eMMC or UFS are already now using KIOXIA embedded flash memory.

KIOXIA Smart Cities

In line with the evolution of Industrial 4.0, 5G networking and public or private cloud storage, the city infrastructure is getting more and more connected. To improve the environmental conditions, the service to the citizens, the security for humans and assets, eHealth, power distribution, efficient transportation and improved retail business, the cities are about to build highly sophisticated and fast networks. All this creates big amount of data to be stored and here the demand for cost efficient and easy to use storage solution is growing strongly. KIOXA products available in a large scale of different densities and technologies are the ideal solution to cover this storage demand in the future.

Kioxia Embedded Memory Products


Raw NANDs like SLC NAND, BENAND™ and Serial NAND deliver high endurance and data retention for sensitive or frequently used data.


Reliability and Performance

SLC NAND provides best in class endurance and data retention for sensitive or frequently used data in a system. KIOXIA SLC NAND is the optimal solution for long lasting products or systems working with extremely high data throughput between the host and the memory.


SLC NAND with embedded ECC BENAND™

(Built-in ECC NAND) is a SLC NAND memory device with an internal hardware ECC engine. When using BENAND™ it is also possible to use the 24nm SLC NAND flash memory technology even when their platform cannot support higher bit ECC.


SLC NAND with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

KIOXIA’s line-up of 24nm-based Serial NAND flash memory products is compatible with the widely used Serial Peripheral Interface, giving users access to SLC NAND flash memory with a low pin count, small package and large capacity.


Managed NAND like e-MMC and UFS are the preferred solutions for efficient and easy to integrate storage systems. Both solution offer broadly accepted standard interfaces and packages for the industrial, mobile and automotive market.


High-efficient Storage

e-MMC is a series of advanced and highly efficient NAND flash memory with an integrated controller for enhanced memory management. Based on an interface standardized by JEDEC, KIOXIA’s e-MMC offers the optimal solution for applications where higher data volumes need to be stored in an efficient way.

UFS – Universal Flash Storage

High-Performance Storage

KIOXIA offers a broad line-up of new UFS Memory products for applications demanding for superior interface performance. Utilizing a full duplex serial high-speed interface, it is compliant with the latest UFS Version 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1. In combination with the embedded memory management it offers a highly efficient and excellent performing storage solution. UFS Version 3.1 enables next generation mobile devices to take full advantage of the connectivity benefits of 5G, leading to faster downloads and reduced lag time – and improved user experience.