The World of Automation at a Glance - Encountering Rapidly Growing Challenges of the Industrial and Building Sector

Increase in quality, productivity, flexibility, accuracy and safety are the result of automation - characterized by a broad variety of technologies making human intervention in processes more convenient and efficient.

Rutronik guides you through your options to find your best-fit setup.

Building Automation

Tradition meets innovation

Modern buildings are far more than your old fashioned brick and stone constructions. They resemble digitally networked structures combined with an optimized automation system. But they are also able to communicate and interpret data about the real-time status, performance and behavior of the object itself. The goal of building automation is to optimize the user experience, increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize health and safety risks.

Coping with post industrial challenges

Smart building technologies are suitable for professional areas such as factories or office buildings, public infrastructure, as well as residential buildings. Single component, complete solutions, or technical support during implementation phase, Rutronik is able to support you in a broad variety of ways. You can benefit from our extensive experience in helping our customers to design complex technical systems in the world of building automation.

  • Automated HVAC
  • Smart access control
  • Automated safety and security
  • Virtual building connectivity

  • Energy efficiency
  • Desaster control

Home Automation / Smart Home

Home automation is a sublevel of building automation. It describes the monitoring, controlling, regulation and optimization facilities in residential buildings. This includes the time and demand-based (remote) control of alarm systems, lighting, shades, heating, refrigerators, entertainment and household appliances, etc. via fixed or mobile devices.

Rutronik's specialists provide you with support in selecting the right sensors, radio protocols and safety measures based on the principle of ""solution selling"": all the necessary components come from a single source.

Applications and advantages

  • Automated HVAC
  • Smart access control
  • Automated safety and security
  • Virtual building connectivity

Smart Cities

A city full of smartness

The overall goal of this urban living concept is to improve the quality of life for the citizens while acting ecologically and economically by using digital technologies and real-time communication. Background for this vision are the challenges of the post-industrial society: environmental pollution, demographic change, financial crisis and resource scarcity.

The ideal smart city of the future

A sophisticated smart city is a network of connected device and Services. It is equipped with sensors that collect relevant data and analyze it in order to optimize processes sustainably. What sounds utopic at first, is already reality to some extent, and will shape our cities of the future.

Lessons learned from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused city planners to rethink their urban public health programmes. As a result, smart cameras measure temperature of pedestrians, as well as their distance among each other. These concepts are just some examples, of the possibilities that lay within the smart city. Uncompromising reliability, security and efficiency are parameters that are essential for the selection of required components. The Rutronik 360° portfolio guarantees optimum selection and availability of electronic components for your smart city application.


Relevant applications could be traffic management, energy generation and use and safety.

Smart Retail

Faster, safer, smarter and greater

Smart retail, also known as Retail 4.0, describes a set of smart technologies created for the next level shopping experience. Key element in smart retail is the interconnection of devices and services to improve the shopper’s customer experience. Beside the simple connection of a customer‘s mobile devices and apps with the ones of a shopping center, there are concepts that stray even further away from your traditional shopping experience. The connection of stationary retail and ecommerce, the integration of smart technologies (i.e. iBeacons) and smart point of sale payment solutions.

Rutronik offers the knowhow, the solutions and the partners for the development of relevant applications like smart shopping carts, automated beacon checkout, real-time customer tracking and analytics, smart rack, smart security, face-gesture-recognition, smart mirrors or screens.

Applications and advantages

Relevant applications are smart shopping Carts, automated beacon checkout, real-time customer tracking and analytics, mobile engagement, smart rack, dynamic pricing, smart security, face-gesture-recognition, smart mirrors or screens.


Wireless Connectivity and 5G


Embedded Flash Memory for 5G, Work Automation and Smart Cities


Antennas, Connectors and USB Solutions for Wireless Connectivity, 5G and Home Automation


Power and High Current Relays for Home Appliance and Industrial Applications


5G Antennas for Embedded, Internal/External and Outdoor Applications


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE Solutions for 5G and Wireless Connectivity

Industrial Automation

It is all about knowing the use cases and their associated technologies: In industrial environments, automation takes processes such as manufacturing, quality control, and material handling to another level. Machine-machine-interaction enhances (manual) human-machine-communication by using logical programming commands and corresponding mechanisms.

A selection of possible applications:

  • RPA - Robotic Process Automation
  • AI and IPA (Intelligent Process Automation)
  • Autonomous robots
  • Machine vision
  • Industrial communication (5G, Ethernet, TSN)

The rise of industrial automation revolves around understanding holistic concepts

Rutronik's expertise is based on their knowledge of complex and correlating processes in the context of Industry 4.0 and industrial internet of things (IIoT) and combines it with insights into continuously evolving devices and machines.

State of the art products will navigate through main trends

Future will be as how we shape it. Currently we identify three major trends in the automation segment and we are convinced that it is absolutely crucial to be up to date with:

1) Increased use of machine vision provides automatic inspection as well as robot guidance functions.

2) Ongoing rise of deployment of robotics in industrial environments.

3) Both leading to Hyper Automation.

Especially hyper automation is said to be amongst the top 10 trends for strategic technology in 2021 as it is the next evolution level due to a combination of interlocking RPA ""tools"", intelligent automation solutions and AI/machine learning.

At your disposal: best-fitting products meeting individual quality and pricing requriements. Optimization is the key term to make high investments for the installation of automation processes paying off in the shortest time.

  • Cost reduction through lean purchasing and shorter lead times
  • Broad access to a variety of proven franchise suppliers
  • Aligning of systems enabling lights-out manufacturing and a sustainable energy consumption
  • Quality assurance by certified and strictly monitored logistics processes
  • Allowing clients to focus on core activities 

Machine Vision and Industrial Cameras

A key to industrial automation is machine vision (MV) or industrial image processing (IBV) and Rutronik provides the right products for automation of industrial manufacturing processes. MV operates with a combination of hardware and software requiring knowledge in various areas. With AI processes such as machine and deep learning as well as artificial neural networks, MV systems are able to perform complex tasks quickly, reliably and with reduced effort.

More sensitive than the human eye and available in rough environments

Thanks to our many years of experience we can advise our clients precisely to find adequate systems and technology unlocking repeatable, sustainable and profitable results - even for adverse, potentially hazardous environments. MV applications include quality, assembly and process control or robotics in industries such as automotive or pharmaceutical.

Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

Real time machine wear monitoring

Predictive Maintenance is a revolutionary way to ensure a functioning machine park. It is based on sensor data and a combination of analysis technology and an in-memory database to determine the actual condition of equipment. Based on these information a prediction is made, when the ideal maintenance time is reached. Repairing and part replacement is only carried out when actually necessary. This clearly distinguishes predictive maintenance from preventive maintenance, which - based on the theoretical failure rate - is carried out at fixed intervals.

Complex systems require simple solutions

The development of a predictive maintenance system is a challenging task. Which parts actually need to be monitored? What equipment is needed for a reliable forecast? Extensive experience allows Rutronik experts to support you the best way possible in setting up an easy to use machinery monitoring system.

Advantages and applications

Reduced downtimes, extended service life of the equipment and optimized economic efficiency are decisive points in the industrial context, the mobility sector and for energy harvesting processes. Regardless of the chosen industry sector, Rutronik's experts are on hand to provide advice.

5G Initiative

Improving connectivity leads to highly efficient production

Reliable communication between Human and Machine, and Machine to Machine is essential for innovative manufacturing systems. Maximum flexibility in the production process and networking of the plant can only be achieved through real time communication capabilities. With 5G, a mobile standard exists that is predestined for industrial use. Its high data transmission rates and density, as well as low latency, are important factors, 5G ensures. Real-time image processing and network, adaptive production facilities with autonomously acting robots could thus finally become part of everyday life.

Where will the journey head?

As a member of the 5G Alliance, Rutronik is able to offer state of the art technologies. Complete system solutions fulfill Rutronik's portfolio of 5G modules, antennas, SIM cards, embedded computers and the IoT device management platform, as well as smart data analytics offerings.

Advantages and applications

Production: 3D Printing, Machine Learning, AI HMI: AR/VR, IoT (e.g. ericsson connected screwdriver), Predictive Maintenance

Wireless Connectivity

Reliable, fast, low energy

The requirements for wireless communication networks are large and manifold. Entire networks need to ensure fast and reliable transmission of great amounts of data while also being, low maintenance and energy-efficienct or eveen self-sufficient. This has lead to the development of different RF standards, such as Bluetooth LE, WiFi 6, or ZigBee, to name just a few. Rutronik's trained fields experts provide you with all the necessary product and application knowledge to build a network according to your individual specifications. Required range, design of the production site, integration of mobile devices, etc. are just a few examples of aspects that need consideration, when designing an industrial communication setup. WiFi 6 e.g. currently impresses with its speed and more solid connection of all participants, even in dense or overloaded environments.

State of the art component suppliers

The increasing variety of wireless standards and their properties also lead to a broader availability of components from numerous manufacturers. Rutronik strives to offer you state of the art components from innovative manufacturers, to provide you with the optimum solution for each invividual use case.

Advantages and applications

Production: 3D Printing, Machine Learning, AI HMI: AR/VR, IoT (e.g. ericsson connected screwdriver), Predictive Maintenance Remote plant monitoring, Asset monitoring, Warehouse monitoring, Traffic management

Sensor Signal Conditioning

Uniform data structure for different signals

Sensor signal conditioning plays an important role in data acquisition and evaluation. The signal condition unit serves as a module that amplifies signals and converts them into a machine readable form. A simple example is the transition of analog signals, e.g. temperature into digital signals, e.g. On/Off. But that’s not the limitation of it’s purpose. By equipping the sensor signal conditioner with further properties, it is also capable of even pre-preparing the signal input for the next steps in the data evaluation process, and components further down the chain. The result is a fast-response system with less stress on the machine‘s controller, reduced downtimes and lower maintenance efforts.

Key considerations for complex embedded data evaluation

To achieve a functioning sensor signal conditioning system with many sensors and even more input signals, a broad variety of components needs to be used. Passive (capacitors, resistors, inductors) or active elements (operational amplifiers and transistors), or digital algorithms (ASICs, FPGAs), as well as bus interfaces (Profinet, Ethercat, Ethernet/IP) need to be linked to design a complex system, that is capable of processing and transmitting large amounts of data. When it comes to selecting the right components, algorithms or bus interfaces, an experienced Rutronik team is ready to share decades of experience with you.

TrustZone and Encryption

Security, authentication, encryption, trusted devices

Security requirements of embedded devices and other SW-based systems vary from different aspects. The importance for IoT devices to deal with data & copy protection and licenses End users may worry about his private data protection. Content providers may concern copy protection of the application software content delivered to IoT devices. Manufacturers may consider proprietary firmware used. Protecting your IP – Security is in the detail of reliable products To secure all that Rutronik provides a full range of security chips, embedded MCUs, programming tools addressing individual needs in the field of embedded authentication, brand protection and further security applications. Whether you are looking for a turnkey security chip enabling fast and easy integration or a feature-rich programmable solution. We offer solutions on board level as well on IC level perfectly matching for your business model to protect your IP.


  • Protection of your business model, process know-how and IP
  • Reliable performance of the system
  • Easy to implement
  • Security, authentication and encryption


  • Industrial control and automation
  • Remote electronics and accessories
  • Smart home automation
  • Public key infrastructure networks
  • OEM devices and original replacement parts
  • Diagnostic equipment and networks
  • Energy generation & distribution system
  • And many more...


Automation Technologies


Embedded Flash Memory for 5G, Work Automation and Smart Cities


Antennas, Connectors and USB Solutions for Wireless Connectivity, 5G and Home Automation


Power and High Current Relays for Home Appliance and Industrial Applications


5G Antennas for Embedded, Internal/External and Outdoor Applications


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE Solutions for 5G and Wireless Connectivity

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