With smallest package to more design flexibility: 1200 V power modules of the Infineon CIPOS™ Maxi SiC IPM IM828 series at Rutronik.

06/17/2021 Know-How

CIPOS™ Maxi SiC IPM is a 55 mΩ three-phase CoolSiC™ MOSFET-based open emitter intelligent power module in a 36x23D DIP package. It offers a full-featured compact inverter solution with excellent thermal conductivity and a high range of switching speeds (up to 80 Hz). This makes the series suitable for applications such as three-phase and permanent magnet motors in variable speed drives, as those used in active HVAC filters and industrial motor and pump drives. The CIPOS Maxi SiC IPM IM828 series is available at www.rutronik24.com.

The CIPOS Maxi SiC IPM features an improved 6-channel 1200 V gate driver based on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology and six CoolSiC™ MOSFETs, increasing system reliability. 

Excellent performance with the smallest size

The DIP 36x23D is the smallest package for 1200 V IPMs. At the same time, the IPM has a particularly high power density in this voltage class. This combination allows the CIPOS Maxi SiC IPM to meet EMI requirements, provide overload protection for even the most demanding designs, be extremely flexible in use, and help reduce system costs. 

Comprehensive protection 

The SiC power module’s resilient 6-channel SOI gate driver thanks to an integrated dead time avoids damage from transients. Additional undervoltage protection (UVLO) on all channels as well as protection functions against overcurrent shutdown round off the safety measures. These are supplemented by an independent UL-certified thermistor for temperature monitoring. 

Particularly user-friendly thanks to simple design, evaluation and controller boards.

The IPM also impresses with its simple control system, in which the pins of the low-side emitters are accessible for phase current monitoring. In addition, there is a programmable fault clearing time and an enable input. Thanks to the precisely matched evaluation and controller boards, handling and development time can also be noticeably optimized. 

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