Vishay N-Channel MOSFETs with High Power Density at Rutronik

01/24/2020 Know-How

The SiSS12DN 40V N-Channel MOSFETs from Vishay are designed to increase power density and efficiency in power conversion topologies. They are available in a compact 3.3x3.3mm PowerPAK 1212-8S package and deliver the lowest output capacitance (Coss) in the sub-2-mΩ class. The MOSFETs are available at

With their low on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) of 1.98mΩ at 10V the SiSS12DN MOSFETs minimize conduction losses. Additionally, the low output capacitance (Coss) of 680pF and the optimized gate charge (Qg) of 28.7nC reduce switching related power loss.

The TrenchFET Gen IV power MOSFETs utilize 65% less PCB (printed circuit board) space compared to similar solutions in 6x5mm packages, enabling higher power density. They are 100% RG- and UIS-tested, RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.

Applications of the N-Channel MOSFETs include synchronous rectification in AC/DC power supplies, primary- and secondary-side switching in DC/DC converters targeting telecom, server, and medical equipment, half-bridge power stage and buck-boost converters in voltage regulation for server and telecom equipment, OR-ing functionality in telecom and server power supplies, power stage for switch capacitor or switch tank converters, motor drive control in power tools and industrial equipment and battery protection and charging in battery management modules.

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